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Cycle of NPC Competitor


A good friend of mine is an NPC competitor. He laid out his cycle for me and said this was a moderate blast for him. He will be coming off everything shortly and going on HRT as his bodybuilding goals are tearing apart his and his fiances relationship. He doesn't think it's worth it and told me he thinks the best advice you could give a newbie bodybuilder is to find a new hobby.

1000mg Testosterone Cypionate per week, 10 i.u. hGH ED, 1000mg Trenbolone per week, 75mg Dianabol ED. He uses insulin periodically but isn't all that impressed with it. He thinks the only thing stopping him from going pro is the ability to afford 20i.u. ED of hGH year round. He thinks Testosterone is a shitty drug unless it is used with hGH, he also thinks Testosterone dose should be equivalent to hGH dose, his rule of thumb is 10 i.u. of GH ED for every gram of testosterone used per week. He ramps up these doses slightly pre contest and adds winstrol, diuretics, and various fat burners. He said things like masteron, proviron, deca, and eq are useless and contribute more to health problems than real world results. He also thinks deca and anadrol are the only drugs capable of giving anyone gyno.


Your friend sounds like he is king of the bro's

the 'anti-guru' if you will.

Other than that, is there any reason in particular you posted this?


Lol, give the man a break Bonez! He has a heck of a physique and has kept his health intact after about 2 years of continuous usage of this kind. This is based purely on what he said. I have no idea if the guy is a mess. He has also been prepped by a popular prep coach and preps a bunch of amateur guys and I think one or two other NPC competitors. So I consider him "in the know" with this particular aspect of the game and was actually surprised about the quality of info. I just thought it would be interesting for guys to take a look at.


"He also thinks deca and anadrol are the only drugs capable of giving anyone gyno."


I don't think it's a lack of GH keeping him from going pro.


Most bodybuilders do this:

Over train

Over Eat

Over Gear

Over GH

Over Tan

Over slin

basically when it all comes down to it, Bodybuiding is a game of correct hard work, consistency for years on end, and genetics. If you have great genetics, youll have the chance to turn pro young. If you are lower on the genetics then you might turn pro older. Someone with lesser genetics can beat someone with better genitics if they train harder and smarter. A lot of competitors with good genetics, take longer to develope because they dont work as hard at first thinking their genetics alone are enough to give them the win.

a bodybuilder with lesser genitics will never be able to beat a bodybuilder with better genetics based on the fact that he is taking more gear and GH.

Sorry that is a myth because guys with good genetics don`t need a lot of gear to do well.


I agree Pris. What surprised me was he considered his use moderate compared to some guys he knows. He's a very straight up guy and I tend to take his word for it. Maybe the guys personality has blurred my judgement although I don't think his use is THAT bad. I have seen some guys on this site post similar cycles with physiques no where in the realm of where this guys physique is. I just thought it would be cool to share with the board.


^^ hahaha. Well put....


Youre focused on the amount of drugs he uses compared to others.

Who gives a shit about that?

Youre missing the fact that more than half of the information he provided is either straight wrong or at best, based on nothing but hollow opinions.

I guess it's interesting to see this because it's an example of how easy it is to pay someone for garbage info. But this is no different then the newbs who roll through posting about wanting to do a dbol and winstrol cycle to get jacked and then ripped. Just a different degree of ignorance.


and a big lol @ applauding somoene for 'keeping their health' after unintelligently overusing drugs for 2 years straight. As if that's some commendable accomplishment.


Just to add: I met a national level competitor (from the UK) who also models for a supplement company (so you now he's jacked). This guy knows JACK SHIT about steroids. I haven't asked him for the exact details but I'd postulate that someone designs his cycles for him and maybe even does his shots, too; either this or his genetics got him to where he is today. For example, I heard him recommend a cycle to someone of 6 weeks '2 shots of deca and 2 shots of test a week' (no pct or Ai) I asked what type of test and he said "uh, I don't know" it turned out he's recommend (to an impressionable newbie who thought he;d know better) a six week cycle consisting of 500mg deca a week and 200mg test prop.

Moral of the story: not all big steroid users know a lot about steroids; and though its already been said by the posters above: more isn't always more with steroids and peptides. I know a guy who had 19" arms and a 200kg bench press and a 260kg deadlift after his first 12 week cycle of 600mg test a week and 8iu HGH eod for 12 weeks.


Point taken. Besides the typical broisms about deca and drol..what information did you consider "garbage info"?


Using gh ED

using a proportional amount of gh to test. whatever the proportion

the nonsense about being 10 GH units/d shy of going pro

test is a shitty drug...

uselessness of drugs besides test and tren

steroids other than test and tren causing 'more health problems than real world results'

I guess it would have just been easier to cut and paste the post.


well I havn't been on a cycle in 14 months. After being off for 10 months, to discover I never had a good sperm count in my life, Currently I am on 50mg eod of total AAS and look just as good as in my avatar, and my bench is stronger then it ever was.

It's amazing to realize just how little aas you need to achieve decent results.


Cool, cool. I am catching a lot more flack for this than I thought I would, but after all I was just regurgitating the info I was told. I don't agree with a lot of it.

And Pris, I'm glad your doing great on such a low dose. It has been my experience as well that I can maintain ALOT of my gains from blasts on practically TRT amounts of Test. Good luck man!


My gains are not comparable to yours, but I have found, 90% of my gains can be sustained on a HRT dose; and also, gains diminish from 'blasting' after a couple of months (I can't say a specific period of time because it can vary but gains won't just keep appearing the longer you stay on and the more you use). Gains aren't proportionate to time spent on and amount of AAS used.


all I can say about this post is WOW.


Knowing how long to run cycles for and how long to be off, is definitely quite a work. It needs to be also timed in relation to training programs, diet programs, and rehab. I have found it helpful to lose size and back off a little because it not only gives the body much needed rest, and repair, never mind removal of the drugs, and toxins, it also establishes new training momentum as you regain muscle memory gains that you can sling-shot through into new size gains, while still using comparatively low doses, to users that never come off.


Good post again Prisoner, the more I move into primarily strength oriented training the more I like relatively short cycles , 4 weeks being my favorite. I basically keep most of my strength as I back down to a legit TRT dose for around two months while I continue to make progress "naturally". It's tons of fun and allows to me to be on at times where I feel I can be the most productive with my training and nutrition. My job is pretty hectic at times and being on whatever decent dose at times like that is a waste my time, money, and most importantly my health.


Do you come completely 'off' nowadays, or do you do HRT? I know 'off' for many is a HRT dose of test.


My test levels 'off' are low normal. I've done enough investigations to know that I've always had a low sperm count, and likely aways was on the lower side of average for test levels... explains why I always responded well to using tribulis years ago when I was natural.

I am 35 now, so definitely past my peak output of natural testosterone, So now I do HRT by choice as it improves my quality of life over being completely off.