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Cycle Nutrition for Beginners


Im running a cycle of 500 mg sustanon weekly and 50 mg of dbol daily(oral) 10 weeks on the sustanon and 4 weeks of the dbol. my pct is nova and clom. along with anavar or winstrol.

I just wanted to know any changes i could make to my diet to build some good lean muscle and burn fat like grams of carbs i should be taking in, I train 5 days a week about 2 and a half to three hours including cardio for 30-45 mins. Im consuming 2000 2500 calories daily Ive lost 85 pounds to date and im 6'3 229 with 17 % body fat..... Any suggestions?


I answered this question in the other thread you posted in.


Yeah but by the nature of test it burns fat, I know my diet needs work but i was asking for guidance. I appreciate any kind of info or maybe a skeleton diet plan i can work off of. Ive been training naturally for about four years im 27. what kind of caloric intake should i have i know the grams of protein intake.. Also Im running clen and pct ill run HCG with the anavar is this a safe setup?


I call bullshit on you being 27.

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im 27 but if i wanted to hear a bitch id ask my girl the questions.... if you dont have positive feedback why not just look but not write...ok asshole.. its my first cycle and everyone has to start somewhere we all cant be born with a perfect understanding of steroids


You are correct kid, none of us are born with a perfect understanding of steroids.

Fortunately, some of us have parents that taught us to think with our brains and not with our mouths (or in this case, fingers.) Have you read through every single one of the stickies? Have you Googled every single steroid term you've ever read/heard? Have you read as many articles as possible? I didn't think so.

Now, my question to you sir: Did you have parents?


im not a kid im probably older than you. I have not read every sticky but ive been reading...and ive researched every thing that ive ever put in my body so for my first cycle i asked for some feedback....thanks anyway i appreciate the concern.... its called think before you speak not thinking with your mouth by the way


A diet that works for a natural will also work an assisted trainee. This is true across the board. The difference is that someone on AAS can better use the nutrients and have an easier time keeping fat gain to a minimum while gaining muscle.

If you want some information about a good diet to follow go to the Beginners or Nutrition forum and post a days worth of eating that you CURRENTLY follow. Criticism can be given from there. No one, here or in another forum, is going to just give you a cookie-cutter meal plan without knowing anyhting you. And you would be crazy to expect that type of information for free.


I regret offering you advice.

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Thanks Bonez.... I dont drink...... But Ill go to the other forum I appreciate it


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