Cycle Now or Wait?

I’m 25 and have been lifting weights for some time in fact i grew up in a gym. I’ve always thought about doing a cycle and was always advised i was too young so i’ve always held off. would it be better to wait longer or what would be the best cycle for me i want to keep my gains and stregnth as high as possible after pct. oh i tried m1t once will that get in the way of me having the best exp 1st timing?

Is there anything that won’t cut you off?

Just read threads. Read the steroid profiles on Read what cycles dudes are using and research the chems yourself. That’ll give you a feel for what’s going on, and answer a lot of the questions you have.

IMO you are not too young. But your training will be a better determining factor. If you are still making gains; strength,size and body comp then I would hold off. AAS is going to be of the most benefit when training,diet, and rest are all on point and a plateau has been reached. Until that point read as much as possible and when you make that choice be intelligent in all aspects of AAS use.

I asssume that by cut you off you mean shut you down. You are introducing hormones into the body in excess of what the body can produce naturally. This is why your body ceases production.

Read up on these hormones that you are thinking about using. Educate yourself as much as possible and then you will know more if you are ready.


What are some site I should look into pursuing for the how to?