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Cycle Micro-PA?

A couple months ago I started taking Micro-PA. For the first 6 weeks I saw some modest gains. Shortly thereafter the gains have subsided. I haven’t progressed since. (I am 72 years old, so that could be a major contributor.)

Has my body down regulated such that the Micro-PA has become ineffective?
Do you know if Micro-PA is typically cycled? If so, what are the accepted cycle models?

This thread would be more appropriate reposted over in the Biotest Supplement forum.

In a nutshell, no Micro-PA doesn’t need to be cycled and the body shouldn’t acclimate to it. It does work in response to a training stimulus, so maybe play around increasing TUT in your routine, like pauses and eccentrics, to make sure you’re getting a significant mTOR stimulus so the PA has something to work with.

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