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Cycle Messed Up


so i did 5 weeks of test cyp 500mg/week...and i lost my source for the other 5 weeks and got stuck with test prop... so ive been doing that for 2 weeks at 100mg EOD ...but my source reappeared...so even after two weeks or more of being off; would it be better to continue with the painful prop? or get the cyp and continue with the 5 weeks?

i just dont wanna wait a long time for the cyp to get back in my system ? but maybe since it recently was, it wont take that long but it has been over 2 weeks or right at it?

----thanks!!! i dont normally do sokmething without having everything but i messed up this time...dont kill me


the cyp is nearly completely out of your system by now and will take time to reach stable levels in the blood so stay with the prop. the short half life of the prop will also mean the drugs will be out of your system quicker by the end of your cycle which is desirable for a faster recovery. i would do the prop for another 3 weeks and end at the 10th week as using prop means your cycle does not need to be as long.


ok thanks a lot man