Cycle Log Test, Dbol, yk11, mk677

What’s up people, I’m a 30 year old powerbuilder on trt and I’m about to do two blast cycles within a year. Each will be 10 weeks followed by 4 weeks bridging with sarms back to my regular trt cruise. As my name (derp) implies, you should not listen to anything i say and definitely don’t try to replicate what I’m doing. This is for entertainment only! Disclaimer over, let’s get started.

My cycle:
-Test cyp 400mg/wk split in 2 doses for 10 weeks then back down to 150mg/wk trt
-Dbol 20 mg daily split in 2 doses for first 25 days
-yk11 exact same as dbol
-mk677 25mg ever night for 16 wks.
-arimidex .5 mg x 4 weekly

The bridge
-lgd 4033 10mg/daily for 4wks
-ostarine 25mg/daily for 4wks
-mk677 25mg/daily for 6 weeks
-trt 150mg/wk test prop/cyp 20%/80% for life
-arimidex .5 mg twice weekly for life

My logic
-test base (obviously) 400mg is plenty for me, I’m very sensitive still although this may change in the future.
-dbol kickstart for a quick increase in strength i can use to hit some prs.
-yk11 is a dht based steroid (yes it is, look it up) so it should pair well with dbol for strength.
-mk677 should significantly boost hgh levels and increase appetite.

-Gain 15-20lb of lean mass over the course of a year doing this exact cycle twice (3 or for months apart).
-Increase my 1rm on all major lifts by 50-60lb.

-3600 to 4000 calories daily
-60%carbs 30% protein 10%fats
-simple, basic, gets the job done, not too strict and easy to follow.

Workout plan(this is my usual plan so it’s nothing drastic, just expecting higher 1rm and more volume at a greater intensity)
-mon max out on squat or deadlift variation alternating weekly, changing the variation every week plus lower body supplemental exercises and abs.
-tue steady state cardio 40min plus 20 min hiit
-wed max out on bench press variation changing variation weekly plus upper body supplemental exercises and abs.
-thu steady state cardio 40 min plus 20min hiit
-fri high volume leg day, 5 sets of 10 each for two compound lifts (squat or dl variety) then 200-300 reps of isolated work (quads, hams, calves, glutes)
-sat high volume upper body, 5 sets of 10 for a compound push (bench, overhead, etc) and a compound pull (row, pullup etc). Then 200-300 reps isolating bi’s, tri’s, posterior delts, etc.

Current stats
-bodyweight 185lb
-height 5’10"
-bodyfat 6% according to durnin/womersly skin caliper test.
-1rm squat 325, bench 295, deadlift 405+(i only have 405lb of weights at home)

Feel free to ask questions or give advice and I’ll update this as i go. Starting after my dr app in a couple of weeks. I also need to give blood first because my rbc count is a little high already.

Update end of week one
Well, I wasn’t expecting such a dramatic difference so quickly. Between the dbol and mk677 I don’t think I’ve ever been this hungry in my life! I was planning to ease my way up to 4000cal over a week to avoid gas and boating but I went well over that day one. I started with test and mk the night before day one on dbol.
Holy shit is all I can say. I’m up 5 pounds (probably mostly in my gut) and my physique has already begun to change. My strength and endurance are up already to and the pump during my workouts has been insane! So far I’m not puffy anywhere and have really not had any side effects other than one pimple that showed up on my face yesterday. My sex drive is off the charts and I’m looking forward to week 2! People have already commented that I look bigger, one friend is concerned that i might be getting “too big, like a bodybuilder on steroids” hahaha. Great first week, I’ll keep updating along the way!

Update end of week 2
Week two went pretty well, up another 3lb(8lb in two weeks) but I can tell it’s mostly water. Still hungry af all the time.
I feel much stronger including grip. Blood pressure is up slightly. Diet and sleep have been a bit off so training was less intense than last week. Got a huge full body pump from squats, even in my arms!
Sex drive is through the roof and I feel hot (temp) all the time. My physique and face look softer and rounder even on 2mg adex per week. Every major muscle group is noticeably bigger.
Overall I feel great! Full of energy and unearned confidence like your average roided up gym rat.
I have gyno from puberty and I can tell the nips are getting puffy like they used to back then but so far no itchyness, tenderness, or pain.
I’m taking adex 1mg weekly from the doc so that’s legit, but the other 1mg is coming from an ugl so it may be under-dosed or fake. Hopefully I’ll make it through this cycle and the next without looking like a female bodybuilder.

Why ask for advice if you’re going to ignore it? This log is better off written in a diary for your own knowledge in that case.

Also, arimidex dose (2mg/wk) is high AF.



Trust me you didn’t have to give this disclaimer.


Thanks for the tip! I’ll get bloods right after the first cycle to see if it’s too much. Also, I just said feel free, not necessarily asking for it. I might need to edit out the ignore part since i sound like an a hole :slight_smile: I was assuming most people would advise higher doses of test or dbol which I’m definitely not budging on.

You won’t find me advocating high doses of AAS for the average gym guy. Low doses all the way.

You won’t need bloods to tell you that dose of adex is too much trust me. Your joints, mood and limp noodle should be enough to tell you that

And yes it does sound pretty asshole-ish Haha.



What do you consider high doses of AAS for the average gym guy?

I know too many bros doing a gram of test, tren and a bunch of orals. Crazy shit. Even if your stuff if slightly underdosed, you are still taking too much

It depends on the bro but for the first couple years anything over a gram is high IMO.


So my plan to use 7000mg of tren e/wk is slightly too reckless then… noted

But bro, Dem nutrient partitioning gains on 7000mg of tren mean Mac Donald’s and pizzas every day and still loose fat and build muscle. XD


Oh no thats fine, i said anything over a gram per day is too high. So you’re within range with that.


With the recent caliber of posters we’ve seen I felt the need to add that disclaimer.



I think I’d have a severe dehydration induced cardiac arrest from eating McDonald’s and pizza every day (diarrhoea)

No timez to work out, get up, go to mcdonalds then straight to restroom, followed by Pizza Hut, straight to bathroom, rinse and repeat. I suppose the all out sprints to the bathroom would count as exercise

Have you considered anavar instead of YK? Seems like a more reasonable choice given all the data we have on one vs no data on the other. Plus var has a nice mood elevating effect (as does dbol) so you’d likely be feeling very good while on this blast.

Also…6% on 60% carbs?? I fucking hate you. If my carbs were above 40% I’d be fatter than mid-90’s Oprah.

60% carbs because as you can tell from my weak lifts, I’m a serious hard gainer(skinny af all my life). My bodyfat 8 years ago was about 3% on a vegan diet (oops, may have killed my natural test production) that was probably 90% carbs. I was 135 pounds of lanky garbage. Now I’m just starting to make enough gains to look like i actually lift while wearing a shirt. Also anavar is crazy expensive and i have some yk from my sarms experiments last year.
My test levels pre trt were 393 total, e2 was 41. Probably messed myself up with liquid research chem pct after several “sarm” cycles(also dumb and regretable, could have been prohormones who knows). Should have just jumped on test from the start. Learn from Derp kids… don’t be like Derp.

That’s a pretty good explanation. Thank you. I’m curious to see how YK treats you. As you alluded to earlier, it absolutely is a steroid. I think the researcher who originally was working on it called it a SARM because he thought if he branded it right he’d get funding to continue his work. But it’s got the chemical backbone of a testosterone derivative, so it should operate roughly the same. Funny thing is that if he actually created a non-methylated DHT derivative oral steroid that worked well then he’d have been rich by now. Should have sold that shit to the Reds and let them experiment with it on their Olympians.

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FLOL. Vegan here, got down to 6% BF at 190lbs, 5’10. Current diet is mainly carbs. Your diet must have been off or training.


Not to derail this thread but iv been meaning to ask you is there any particular reason you are vegan? And how long have you been doing it? It just seems like and odd choice for a bodybuilder altho you look great!

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And I totally agree with you there brother, it most definitely is an odd and tough choice as a bodybuilder. I ate meat my whole life up until 4 years ago. I initially went vegetarian ‘for the animals’, as most people do who decide to give up meat. I found the digestive issues I had my whole life and were diagnosed as IBS, disappeared as soon i cut meat out.

Then around a year ago I watched some videos on the dairy industry and decided I wanted to try cut dairy out too. It was difficult initially but now I’ve adjusted and feel much better. Also, I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life, never went above 200lbs at this bodyfat even as a meat eater.

Each to their own I guess, I have nothing against meat eaters, I’m not one of those ‘in your face vegans’, I live and let live. But also living proof that you dont have to be scrawny if you dint consume animals products. Thank you for your question and interest!


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No argument here, i could never figure out how to get enough calories, especially when trying to be mostly raw, gluten free, soy free yada yada. I might have been ok if i ate tons of beans and rice, soy, and gluten with my raw veggies. Eventually i just got tired of all the food prep too! Poor animals… now i eat them again. SB We’re you ever vegan before being “enhanced?”

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Those videos are crazy. I actually just saw the undercover documentary a few months ago. I guess I just use the out of sight out of mind thought process. I justify it by telling myself if I stop eating meat and dairy it’s not like it will make any real difference in the grand scheme of things. I guess that ideology in itself is part of the problem with the world. Then I say oh well fuck it and pound some eggs and sausage with a glass of milk lol.

Thats awesome I have respect for anyone that can be that disciplined with thier diet. Sorta like the keto diet I thinks it’s ridiculous but props to anyone who can literally cut out one or more groups of food!

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Im one of those crazy vegan types and even I find the keto diet scary. The amount of literature linking keto to cardiac arrest is immense. Besides, carbs, need i say more? I’d die without carbs literally, but hey it works for some people so good for them.

Out of sight out of mind was me too, maybe one day zeek, maybe one day. Who knows

Derp, i was vegan on just TRT doses yes. Then started blasting more within the last year or so I’d say.


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