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Cycle Log - Test, Dbol, MK 677, HcG

Today marks days one of my cycle. Going to log it on here for you all to follow. Have been on for years, blasting and cruising. Currently coming off a cruise of 125mg Test E per week and today marks day 1 of my next blast. HcG will be run at 250iu every 4 days. The next 12 weeks will look like this:

Week 1: Test E 750mg, Dbol 25mg/day, MK677 25mg/day
Week 2: Test E 750mg, Dbol 50mg/day, MK677 25mg/day
Week 3: Test E 750mg, Dbol 25mg/day, MK677 25mg/day
Week 4: Test E 750mg, MK677 25mg/day
Week 5: Test E 750mg, MK677 25mg/day
Week 6: Test E 750mg, MK677 25mg/day
Week 7: Test E 750mg, MK677 25mg/day
Week 8: Test E 750mg, MK677 25mg/day
Week 9: Test E 750mg, Dbol 25mg/day, MK677 25mg/day
Week 10: Test E 750mg, Dbol 25mg/day, MK677 25mg/day
Week 11: Test E 750mg, Dbol 50mg/day, MK677 25mg/day
Week 12: Test E 750mg, Dbol 50mg/day, MK677 25mg/day

There will be no PCT as after I finish a cycle I go back to my TRT dose of anywhere from 125 - 250mg/week.

Day 1 - as an experienced user I know I won’t feel or see any effects from the test or dbol for a few weeks. But I took my first dose of mk677 before bed last night. Went to bed at 10pm and had morning alarm set for 530am. I may have gotten 2 hours of sleep if that. Couldn’t sleep at all. I woke up more hungry than I’ve ever have before despite eating a fairly good sized dinner before bed. I guess this is a good thing as my goal is to put on size and eating is a big requirement to that no matter what you’re on. Going to take my next mk677 dose tomorrow morning first thing when I wake up and see if that changes anything. It did feel great taking that first pin this morning though.

Oh and as a side note, the main reason I’m using the hcg this go around is I had some decent testicular atrophy last blast and joy wife and I are always trying to get pregnant again so I wanted to increase my odds. I plan on daily updates if there are noticeable effects, otherwise, I plan on weekly updates. Just thought I’d share about the first night of insomnia and the insane hunger upon waking after just one dose. I know the mk677 isn’t a magic elixer just want to see if there is any increased strength/size adding it to my normal blast.

How did your last cycle look like, how were your results and most interestingly for me - did you lose anything after going back to your regular TRT dosage of 125/week?
How did your wellbeing change, did your strength go down? If so, do you think cruising at a slightly higher dose (e.g. 160/week, twice 80mg - that is my TRT dosage) would help maintaining the blast gains? I’m also doing my first blast right now (430mg/week - 250e4d) and plan on going down to 160mg after that, I just don’t know what to expect…

Also the HCG is interesting for me… I am planning on having children in the future, my doc therefore wants me to come of completly for 3 months during the winter… I want to use HCG in that period and then nolvadex to avoid dropping to really low levels of test in the meantime, while still having a brake from exogenous test.

I’m always on TRT. My last blast was actually 1G test, no dbol or anything else, test only. I did loose some size after going back to TRT dose but it was minimal, maybe 5lbs total, but strength stayed. Strength has always stayed which is one of the reasons i stay on TRT since I compete as a powerlifter. Don’t expect to see much strength lost or even much size loast once your blast is over as long as you go rght into your cruise. Cruise dose has always been 125mg for me, keeps my test levels right at normal.

I never cycle off so nolvadex or clomid aren’t in the picture for me at all. My doctor who prescribed my TRT also prescribed the HCG for me, which keeps me fertile and keeps me from getting testicular atrophy, which happens big time for me. Since he started me on the HCG, my boys have been bigger than ever even on cycle LOL.