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Cycle Log: Middle of the Cycle

Hi to all,
By now i’m the 2nd half of my current cycle.
It is:
test e 200mg E3D
mast 200mg E3D
primo 200mg E3D
adex .25 e3D

The cycle is linked with an hypocaloric diet to help me reduce my fat %.

I’m quite happy of this stack and I think it is really effective on me.

I had really big strenght improvements:
May 06 BP 135kg 1RM (i was natural, no gear yet)
december 07 BP 150kg 1RM(i had quit my 1st test E cycle PCT in september)

Yesterday (june 07) BP 130kg 8RM

Also I have reduced fat and gained LNB (about +6kg in 6weeks)

I’m on 2300cal/die high pro (3gr/kg of bw) low fat diet