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Cycle Log Coming


@Despade haha sorry I meant glutes


I just realised something. Given your stats (6,3 270lbs) you are literally bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger was in his off season! That’s awesome, what’s your current BF %?


Haha yea but he didn’t have the drug connections I do haha.

Ehhh I’m probably around 10% I’ll post a pic either today or tomorrow


Would love to know what brands and mg’s daily you are you taking for liver support?

I’m concerned about my liver health looking at my past bloods and really want to deal with that as best I can. Unfortunately my doc did not comment or offer any advice on why my liver bloods were a bit funky so I’m trying to research and deal with it myself.


So what would your stage weight be?



Are you experiencing any side effects with regards to mood or other stuff.

Just asking because I saw a thread on here about a guy who used Nandrolone and now has a sorts of problems and I thought “well shit, physiologik is on this stuff, wonder how he’s doing”… Personally I can’t say I ever noticed negative sides from the stuff but everyone is different


Hey man :slight_smile: nothing negative to report as of now. In reality though I’m a really happy guy and very low stress naturally so that helps. I’ve heard of guys getting depression issues post nand but that involves dopamine depletion mostly and I run tyrosine and quadcarn to help with that :slight_smile: @unreal24278


I apologize in advance for bothering you on vacation however I have a few small questions. I’m likely going to start using NPP again as it gave me significant joint pain relief last time I tried it. Im thinking around 100mg/wk, however I may go as low as 70mg/week as I’m not looking for an anabolic boost, I’m looking for joints that function in a way that allows me to exercise the way I do without restrictions. I’m currently on 210mg/wk of test as 110mg/wk had me between 600-350ng/DL (peak and nadir). The extra test is self medication and for the first time in a very long time I feel like my old self with raging hormones and other stuff, it’s awesome, I’m mildly pissed off I’ve missed out for this long, I haven’t gotten much help from doctors in terms of optimal treatment, and while I respect the shit out of doctors as it’s an amazing and difficult profession the only reason I feel any better than I do comparing now vs a few years ago was due to me being my own advocate, and I won’t accept feeling sub par for the rest of my life. I’m using a low dose of oxandrolone because curiosity got the best of me, not using it for much longer.

Question is, is nandrolone substantially more risky than testosterone in terms of potential long term health complications and are there strategies I can implement to minimise harm done besides the usual such as donating blood. If I can help it i’d rather not pull a Rich Piana (no disrespect, may he rest in peace) although given the health problems I’ve had at this young age I’m starting to think what’s in store thirty years from now so I’m worrying less and trying to enjoy life while I still can.

That being said if I decide not to use the NPP I’m going to run a simple test cycle.


@unreal24278 hey man! Everything looks great to me man! Tbh I wouldn’t worry about nandrolone especially at those levels :slight_smile: howre you feeling?


I feel amazing on my current test dose (210mg/wk, not on the prescribed dose). Better than I’ve felt for a very long time


Hey t nation friends. Wanted you guys to know we have decided to relocate to the Denver area. This probably will happen in the next 8/12 weeks or so - so I appreciate everyone’s feedback as to different cities etc. we have found some pretty awesome places with tons of land outside evergreen and also boulder. Thankfully we both have successful practices haha. Going to be opening a performance and longevity based clinic. More to follow :slight_smile:


Congrats man! I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully out there just as you have in OH. Have you considered whether you’ll take clients from out of state in your new practice?


Yes we will. We have had a ton of interest from athletes in Europe as well about coming over for a month or so and getting straightened out in their off seasons. Super excited! @yubs


Awesome! Guess you’ll have to figure out how make room for some of us as well!
All the best moving forward.


@yubs I am working on a solution to bring on all of you guys


That is just plain awesome! Welcome to the west. One less Yankee!! :joy::joy::joy:


Congratulations!!! Don’t buy a farm… Too much maintenance… You need a TRACTOR to mow the lawn!


@unreal24278 haha currently we have over 100 acres of land which is mostly wooded in Ohio. We won’t go with anything less than 15 acres right now :slight_smile: like our privacy haha


@studhammer haha thanks man! How’re you doing


Hello all. Currently at 270.2. Still decently lean :slight_smile: zero supposed negative deca side effects. Zero AI. Zero caber. All fun. Haha.