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Cycle Log Coming


Is it possible to “like” any more of your comments on Ai’s or E2? hahaha.

Its been about 3 weeks now right? Should be starting to feel great.

What dose did you end up going with on Deca?

Will you post labs also?


Just curious why you don’t use an anti-prolactin with Deca, do you not experience any of the sides guys on here talk about?
I used deca years ago with no issue, but after using tren (no caber, all the classic tren sides including dick) and mhn (inflamed nodes around right nipple - only right nipple) I’m hesitant to use deca again (even though I can get it cheap at the pharm when I’m overseas).


14 pounds in 20 days. Damn I feel old and useless! :joy:


I’m running only 300 mg deca a week. Yes when i get back to the states I’ll have some labs run :slight_smile: and thank you. We we definetly like minded haha yea it’s hard not to feel great on vacation. It’s hilarious when people on the beach are like ummmmm are you an athlete and my wife is like no he just picks heavy stuff up and puts it down and eats. Haha.


I actually never have prolactin issues. Only time I ever got concerned I was running way too high of a tren dose and had mild lymph node swelling but that backed away with a lower dose. Screwing with prolactin sucks man. You can crash it out way too easily. @boatguy


Na I’m sure you’re killing it bro!


Well, I did a bulk with Dbol and added about 20lbs but I’m sure as hell not cut like you. I blame it on being 53 and not the fact that I like candy!!


Hey doc, can you expand on this? What it does for you, how much are you taking daily, and what are the implications for someone considering adding to their regimen?


Metformin is fabulous. It’s being prescribed more and more for anti aging benefits. There was an article written here about the benefits of it recently by tc. I use 500 mg morning and evening. Anyone who trains can really benefit from it as well. Increased insulin sensitivity by far, turning on AMPK to dump shit cell waste, and the bullshit about it limiting muscle gains is horseshit especially when on gear.


Haha well to be fair I also get my testosterone from the pharmacy for 10.00 a bottle and my script is a measly 400mg per week Hahahha. So my gear is super clean.


So far so good on the cycle. I remember @flipcollar saying deca was a feel good cycle. It definitely is. Feeling great. Strength is coming along nicely and I feel full. Staying pretty lean. I imagine when this is done I’ll be close around 260. So that’s always a plus haha.


So, no prolactin sides with the Deca? No infamous “deca dick”? Are you taking cabergoline?


No way. I don’t mess with anti prolactin drugs. Never had an issue. Dick works wonderfully per usual. Haha.


I’m probably gonna go back to deca on my next big cycle, particularly if I don’t have to maintain such a low bodyweight (likely moving up weight classes after my show in 3 weeks). My injuries really built up over the last few weeks. I’m managing them well enough, but I feel like running deca at like 300/week along with everything else would have been very useful.


Yes I’m really digging the cycle so far. Back over 250 and staying fairly lean and def vascular. Weights feeling like a breeze these days. Old hockey injuries feeling the best theyve felt in years.


What does your wife take to be so horny? Is there like a supplement?

I need more action


Hahaha I treat her like a princess and she treat she me like a king. I don’t know man we have an amazing relationship. Give her quadracarn from Beverly and then vitamin d:) so she will want your vitamin d haha :slight_smile:

But really I’m super lucky. We met in med school and have been together 14 years. She’s amazing. Had a traditional wedding with her family in India. Amazing times man.


That’s great. I’ve been married 17 years. 3 kids. I love my family.


They’re everything to me man. I wish I could explain the value of it to the kids on here


I just read stuff on this. Sounds good. I guess I can take too while on trt. I do light training at Home.
If I start this, is it something I need to Continue long term or can just stop?

Thanks man.