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This is pretty much why I decided on tamoxifen over Arimidex. Didn’t want to fuck up bone density or lipids any more that they already were! I really didn’t want to take anything if I’m honest but E2 got to 168 pmol/L and I was getting a lot of itching in the cheast area which was driving me crazy. Took 20mg daily and am now on 10mg daily because I have lowered my test dose a lot.

I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind.

  1. Ideally I would like to stop the tamoxifen if possible now I’ve lowered my test dose. Not sure if being on tamoxifen for life is a bad thing? So what would be your thoughts on me stopping?
  2. When would you normally start to prescribe tamoxifen with your patients? If their E2 gets above a certain level or do you just go off how they feel? Just curious (;


@physioLojik. or anyone else that can answer, I may have misunderstood but for clarification does tamoxifen work with both E control and spermatogenesis? I’m currently taking an AI with TRT cream but have been trying to minimize it as much as possible and not of fan of my balls shrinking and pulling up high and tight. If that is the case I really would like to talk to my doc about it and be able to nail two birds with one stone.


From what physio had said, yes it will bring back some natural production of T and I assume sperm production.