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Cycle Log Coming

Hey guys - going to start a new cycle of 500 mg t and 300 or 450 mg deca per week. I’ll keep you guys updated about the progress! I’ve reslly enjoyed my time on these forums with you and I’m sorry I’ve been absent a little more recently. Two kiddos and another on the way and my practice is crazy! I’ll check back as often as I can!


Cannot wait for this.

Thanks man! Starting weight - 234. Last BF was 8.7%. Eating just under 4500 kcal a day. Only training four days a week so far. We shall see how this goes!

Now I have to hate you! LOL

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Blahaha don’t hate me! I’m a friend to all. Well all except people who act like they know wayyyyyy more than they actually do.

I think we talked about this but have you considered NPP instead? No deca sides.

I have nandrolone from the pharmacy. So I’ll take my chances and see. I’ve functioned fine with tren before so hopefully nothing goes ape shit

Week one down. Clearly nothing is happening worth noting yet. I am always generally in a great mood so no real movement. I’ll be doing labs every four weeks to see the actual effects on prolactin etc that people claim on deca. There will be no AI or anti prolactin on this cycle. These are so overused it’s insane. My wife and I have sex daily minimum so I’ll note whether or not there’s is a change in libido or function. More to follow guys!

Strike that. Sex three times today. Boom. Haha

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Careful, or you will wear that shit out! We were at twice a day for months and my wife told me we had to slow it down.

Haha yea lucky me. My wife is like eh I’m sore but more horny than sore. Yay me.

Workouts have been great. Dead’s tomorrow. Will report back :slight_smile: weight at 241 right now. Still all abs visible.

If I push my wife through the soreness, it goes away. Kind of like when you first start lifting.


You must freak out your patients. Sure as hell dont look like most doctors I know.

Hahaha so true. Funny story. When I was in ER rotation I was about 260. I went in to see patients and I introduced myself and said I’m your physician tonight and the woman was like no way this is a joke and I said yes ma’am I’m your doctor and she said you look like a professional athelete and I said well I was but I stayed at a holiday inn express last night so I’m qualified lol


Oh Shit! Can you be my doctor please? I used to have a bodybuilder sports doc and he was great but I ended up moving.

Haha if you come to Ohio :slight_smile:

Besides the frequent sex and the 8.7% BF, I am most jealous of the “Eating just under 4500 kcal a day”!!! I’m 195 ~12% BF and only bulk on a little over 3K (currently cutting at 2K, ugghhh). I’d be in pig shit heaven. Unrelated side note - I have no idea how its physically possible to be a hard gainer, eating is so…damn…easy

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Blahaha yes sir! I use metformin twice a day as well. My wife is from India so she’s constantly making amazing food too. Side note - she’s amazing haha. I get tired from work and lifting and rec hockey and she’s the chief doc in her practice, raising two girls with me, and volunteers constantly and still runs our house. One of the reasons I’m able to gain so well is living in an extremely low stress household. Can’t say enough about a good woman :slight_smile:

What ancillaries are you using with this?

Tamoxifen 20mg a day. It’s all I ever use on cycle. Be it tren eq primo test or anything else. Never use an anti prolactin and certainly won’t ever use an AI unless it’s before a show to dry out.