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Cycle Lethargy!

Ive seen a few posts about lethargy being common during cycle. Just wanted to know some common things people do when this happens to get past it.

Im in week 4 of my first cycle and the lethargy has kicked in big time. Dont know if this is really uncommon because ive usually seen it happen in week 1 of other peoples cycles. It all just happen to me in the last 2 days. It has made me loose all motivation to train and eat!

  1. Are there any supps that may help with this?
  2. Should I bust my but and continue to train, or maybe take a day or two off?
    3.How long does it usually last?

Just so you know, Im on 500mg Test E/week.


Do you still feel motivated to train or has that been lost also?
Eating is possibly your way out of this if it is something simple such as overtraining. Review your supps routine reguarding vitamins etc and also check your diet, is anything missing or low etc i.e are you low carb?

Well I really want to train, but it feels as if im to tired an dont have enough energy to go.

As far as supps, im only taking a Mutli V and Fish Oil Tabs. I have been keeping the carbs somewhat on the low side, but not to the extent of not gettng enough.

I get really sleepy after my 1st meal of the day and it lasts most of the day.

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There are four primary causes of lethargy on cycle.

  1. Reduced T3 due to suppression of TSH – can be resolved by adding T3 into the cycle, NB: must be T3. Synthroid, levothyroxine, et al are T4 and will have little to no impact on energy levels. Don’t smoke, nicotine alters the conversion of T4 to T3.

  2. Reduction in serum glucose levels. Eat carbs. Keep sub-lingual glucose tablets on hand.

  3. Estradiol increase due to aromatization of testosterone. Use non-aromatizing steroids or low-dose AI’s as they can independently increase lethargy.

  4. Nutrient partitioning for storage as opposed to energy. Use a stimulant like Biotest Spike or HOT-ROX, or just caffeine.

Lethargy from testosterone only cycles such as your’s is much less common. Try a stimulant and ensure that glucose levels are in the normal range. Glucose monitors can often be had for free from chemists. Get blood tests for T4, T3 and TSH to determine your on cycle thyroid function before experimenting with T3.


Thanks guys! Sounds good. If it persists for more than another day or two, I may try some stimulants. I still have some HOT-ROX Extreme and I can get Red Bull for free.