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cycle length

I am doing an 8 week cycle of test-enanthanate, shooting 2ccs a week. I have gone from 166 to 174 in three weeks. I am trying to get to 195 by april for a contest. should i stop this cycle in 5 weeks or increase the dosage to 4-6ccs and keep going for another month since it is not that potent. This is my first cycle and i have been working out for 3 1/2 years now. also, do u guys recommend another anabolic to go with the test…maybe deca,tren,d-bol?

go as planned, 8 weeks. doesnt matter how “potent” the cycle is. no matter the dose, you are still being supressed. so only go eight weeks. you said 2cc’s a week, but how many mg/cc? guessing 200. so you could go up to 1000mg/wk. 750 will be fine though. no deca. using any anti-e’s? what do u have planned for recovery?

we have no idea how much gear you are using. as merlin said aas are not measured in cc’s.

Well you seem pretty inexperienced with anabolics. You said you are taking 2ccs a week, but that means nothing to me, as I explained to someone in a post a couple days ago. You should look for that post. Gear is not measured in cc’s, it’s measured in mg/ml. You’ll need to provide more info.

You say you’re trying to gain another 25 lbs in addition to the 10 you’ve already gained for a contest? What kind of contest? Can’t be a BB contest, right? Either way, don’t expect it to happen.

As for adding another androgen, I’d say that is a very good idea. Since you’re already half way through, it’d be easy to add d-bol for the remainder of the 4 or 5 weeks you have left at a dosage from 25-40mg/day.

What ancillaries do you have on hand? Is your diet in order? If you’re trying to gain weight with gear and not eating right, you’re wasting your money. Gear + Not eating right = Waste of money.

Give some more info.

sorry guys, i meant 2mls a week. I am on a bulking diet, eating close to 4,000 calories a day with about 200g of protein and 380g carbs. So, adding deca, not a good idea? Is Test-enanthanate potent enough to put on good size gains. Like I said in the fist post, it is my first steroid cycle beyond mag-10 and other pro-steroids, so i don’t want to do too much too fast. I am ordering a 50ml bottle of test-enanthanate later this week, so i was thinking of going up to 4ml a week for 3 more weeks and then going back down to 3ml, then 2mls for the last two weeks. For recovery, I have Biotest-M and some 6-oxo.

they are not measured in ml’s either, 1ml=1cc. mg’s are the measurement here. I think it is now time to stop the cycle and do a bit more research. I hope you have a bit more knowledge of injection safety and technique than u do with measurments. Not being a dick, just trying to help you.

Wow, I don’t know where to start. You’re on the right track eating about 4000 kcal/day, but you need to up the protein, take out some of the carbs. You have 4 or 5 weeks left in your cycle? The test doesn’t even kick in for me until about the 4th week, so I’d say it’s a little late to start that.

I see you decided not to look up the previous post about measurements. sigh Heres a rundown: 1ml=1cc, as was previously stated. Now, the potency of that 1cc has to do with what you have. If it is 200, then for every cc you inject, you get 200mg of gear. If it is 100, then for every cc you inject, you get 100mg. Pretty simple right? Every thing you get will have the ratio of mg/ml. That’s how many mg are in each ml(cc).

You are considering tapering, which is not helpful for reasons we won’t get into on this thread.

My advice is the same as JT. Stop this cycle early and do some more research. Ask some questions about how you should structure your cycle BEFORE you start it.

Your PCT(Post Cycle Therapy) is horrible and that is very easy to find info about on this forum.

Quit this cycle, do some homework, get some anti-e’s, ask some questions, and it will benefit you a lot more than jumping into anything.

yea, i got confused because Dan Duchaines book, USH II talks about mls and cc’s. I have done a lot of research about the gear, but just uneducated at the terms that are used. So, I get that i am taking 200mg/ml a week, roughly 2mls or cc’s into my syringe? Right? I would think that some HCG and 6-oxo anti e would be a good recovery process…u don’t agree? JT, u are talking about 1000mg/ml a week, that is a whole bottle…that seems like a lot. Merlin, I am actually training for a bb contest, and gaining 15-20 pounds by mid-March will require some work, but not out of reach. My contest is in May. Thanks for all your help guys…I will re-evaluare my cycle.

read the recent thread about hcg. do a search on clomid. you should know exactly how much you are putting into your body and what it does. you say you are using 200mg/ml*2ml= 400mg/week. I no longer suggest anything but research. Not to be a dick. Point is, you are training for a show, which takes tremendous dediction and knowledge. so…you should be putting the same effort into your cycle. we all make mistakes, I did on my first cycle. but I learned, and while I dont regret my first cycle, It could have been better. Bottom line is this, I am like drago in that I choose to use the higher dosages, but I never compromise my health. learn, learn, learn, then juice it up.