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Cycle Length Question

Ok, I’m still trying to wrap my head around some of the finer points of all of this so correct me if anything is wrong…

It’s my understanding that short cycles 6-8 weeks are “safer” than longer (12 week+?) cycles.

Ok, so my question… If you take a longer acting ester like Test-E or instead of Test-Prop, The Test-E will be in your system for 30 or so days after the last injection. Now if you do a 8 week cycle with Test-E, as far as safety goes do you count that as 11 weeks long?

If yes because the test is still in your system, should you do a 5 week cycle of Test-E if you’re aiming for an 8 week cycle?


No responses yet because most of those would would have, also preach 5-6 weeks is not a long enough cycle for deca. The tapering effect might be something they dont consider. Same issue with deca, it will run in your system for a few weeks after your last shot.

If you take your last shot week 8, consider it an 11 week cycle since you wont be starting your pct until 12. Unless you are planning to make steroids a part of your life, for the rest of your life, your goals should be oriented towards retainable mass. Cortisol and HPTA suppression are two factors that will be working against you. The longer the cycles run, the more of each you will be facing- with variation dependant upon the AAS you chose. To me 8 pounds retainable lean mass, followed by leaving AAS behind as the plateau tools they should be used for beats the hell out of 30 pounds of lean+bloat that can only be kept by continual cycling. Ultimately you have to make the decisions based upon your personal goals vs what you are willing to live with.

…oh and one more thing, you mentioned test e. 99% of people will recommend test for your first cycle, but remember this- test has a 1:1 ratio of anabolic to androgenic properties. Test is the benchmark upon which the properties of other AAS are rated. As far as post cycle retention, generally speaking, you won’t be keeping the non-AR mediated gains. They for the most part do not represent lean tissue buildup and are more related to water retention, glycogen, and central nervous system effects. They leave when the chemical does so to speak. Those effects do augment the anabolism and help tissue growth, but it is something for you to think about when choosing what you are going to use.