Cycle Length Poll - How long?

Hey Guys,
How many weeks do you stay on?
How many weeks do you run your post cycle therapy?
How many weeks do you take off before going back?

I like 6week cycles
I run PCT for 3-4 weeks
I go off for long periods sometimes but I like to take at least 6 off.

8 weeks for bulking.
12-16 weeks for cutting.

ATLEAST the same amount of time I was on, given the type of cycle.

3-4 weeks. Always.

Because I am competing now I tend to stay on for extended periods of time and just switch up the drugs. But for cycling on and off, usually 6-8 weeks on 6-8 weeks off for me. Recovery in the past has been clomid for 3-4 weeks but now it will nolvadex for the same length of time, maybe longer.


Same as P22