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Cycle Length in Beginner Prep School?


Hi, i am currently doing beginner prep school program from the latest book.

The program has a “A” day and a “B” day. The week consists of 3 workouts.

My question is- How many actual weeks are one cycle? the main lifts are trained 3 times every 2 weeks so it seems to me that the cycle length is 2 weeks on a A/B/A- BAB program.

Is it true that every time a workout is repeated i should see it as the next week in the cycle? If so, is this a principle that is true in all wendler programs?

5/3/1 Forever, Beginner Prep School Question

can someone please tell me if i am doing this the right way?


I have zero idea what you are asking.


I am asking if a cycle in beginner prep school is 2 weeks long?

Beginner Prep School: Number of Workouts in a Cycle?



Thanks Jim!