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Cycle Kicking in this Fast? WTF??


endurance cycle.. (road cyclist)

cycle info 200 test
200 EQ
each week.. 2 pins a week every 3.5 days for 10 weeks

first pin was 250 test/ 200 EQ (1 june)
second was 100/100 (6june)
next sheduled is (10june) then (13june) and so on

today is the 8th and i feel i recover quicker.. already this week.. i never could do 50KM every day now im doing 80 each day tomorrow i need to do 100KM
and i get the feeling of that i can tackle a buss and confident
the feeling u guys get when ur on test
but this isnt even the 2nd week this is day 8 and im getting these feelings and quicker recovery??

i dont think its a placebo effect .. no placebo effect will help u climb that hill quicker or every day



long estered compounds “kick in” quickly enough… you just don’t notice muscular gains from them for 4-5 weeks (unless you pin ED)

you are riding a bike, so you could notice the benefits quickly as they relate to endurance


makes sense…

ahh no im not doing this for muscle gains… got plenty on my legs lol…

doing this to help me recover faster and train harder and longer more more frequent
and the EQ is just an expiriment to see if that helps a little
Cause AAS dont do much for endurance like EPO and i dont wanna do EPO

but letsee what it does tomorrow is week 2

thx buddy