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Cycle Inquiry

I’m just about to start a 10 week cycle of 800mgs of Test Enanthate and 800mgs of EQ a week. After a few weeks off I’m going to start a cycle again of 100mgs Tren ED and 100mgs winny ED…my question is:

What would be an effective bridge for these 2 cycles? I was thinking Anavar @ 40mgs ED to keep my gains. I’ve never used a bridge before between cycles and would appreciate some input. thanks guys for your time.

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The ‘injury’ was a misprint yes…but as for my training, I’m 23 and have been lifting for about 8 years now. I’ve done several cycles in the past, but just never tried to bridge any of them together before. I’ve been reading up on it and it seems to work in keeping your gains much better than just your regualar PCT. so as for my question, do you think anavar would work? or should i take a different route?

just FYI, don’t know why the hell i put “injury” in the title. no clue where thta came from.

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of the cycles I’ve done, I have always done a time on = time off protocol and was just interested in trying a bridge this time around. In the past I’ve kept most of my gains from the cycles I have done, this time around I just wanted to try and keep ALL of them. but thank you for your input, it’s greatly appreciated