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Cycle Input


I am into the third week of a cycle developed for me by a "compunding pharmacy" that is as follows: 12 week cycle
500mg Ultra Test -Once a week Tues.
(50mg/ml Test Prop)
(100mg/ml Test Cyp)
(100mg/ml Test Enanthanate)

500mg (50mg/ml Test Prop-200mg/ml
Test-Deca) Once a week Fri.

50mg Teslac every other day.

PCT--HCG 5 doses of 100 Units.

I am pleased with the results I am feeling and seeing so far in fat reduction, and additional power at the gym, and recovery is much better. My concern after reading many posts on the site is the PCT, I think from what I have seen in other posts, I may not have enough or the right "stuff" to properly recover when I go off cycle. Would rather know now, and do something about it, then wait and start to crash at the end. Input would be appreciated.

If it makes a difference I am 45 5'10" started at 190 and am up to 195, and trying to eat right.