Cycle Input

This will be my 3rd cycle. I want a lean bulk while losing bf% (from 13-14 to 11%)
My stats: 23, 6ft 255 lbs, 13-14% bf, training for 8 years, 1rm= bench 385 dead 515 squat 545

I want to do 540mg sust a week(14 weeks), 300mg npp a week, 50mg proviron every day throughout cycle. Adex will be ran at .5mg eod throughout cycle and pct. Winny will be ran 50mg ed for last 6weeks. Will have cabaser on hand if needed. I was thinking of doing some clen for last 6 weeks as well, 2 weeks on, 2 off, 2 on.

PCT= .5mg adex eod, clomid- 2 weeks 100mg , 2 weeks, 50 mg

I have a question about reversing gyno as well, its not noticeable when the nips are hard, but is pointy when hot out. I have some gyno from a stupid sdrol cycle way back in the day when there was no research involved. My chest as gotten more defined from cutting bf (was at 17%) but I feel some gland tissue that does not feel like belly fat. I was wondering if at the beginning of the cycle, instead of adex, using letro every day to try and reverse it. I appreciate any opinions and advice given, Im always willing to learn, thanks fellas.

Taper the adex off as the weeks go on in your pct.

Hard to say about your gyno. It might help but might need surgery at this point

Gyno isn’t my specialty so can’t really speak on that. Run the adex at 0.25mg EOD. That’s plenty at the dose you’re running. Also don’t run the clen. Your diet with the Winny should be more than enough to drop you down a couple percents. Save your heart for a cutting cycle. Good luck.