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Cycle Information


Hey Guys, I am a personal trainer and have been working out consistently for 5 years now. I have done a lot of research putting together my first cycle and would like any and all advice on the following cycle...

Age: 28
Weight: 191
BF: 11%

I will be running 12 weeks of Testosterone enanthate at 500mgs/week.

For the first 4 weeks I will be taking 1mg/day of liquidex, which will be droped to .5mgs/day for weeks 5-12

Winstrol will be added to weeks 10,11,12 at 50mgs/day

Week 13 will be off of everything

Post Cycle
Weeks 14&15 .25mgs/day of liquidex, which will be droped to .25mgs/eod through week 17

20mgs/day of Nolvadex will be taken weeks 14-19

500IU/day of HCG weeks 14-16


Does anyone have any advice on this stack???


1mg a day of adex is too much.

Start with .25mg EOD and adjust to what you need to control E2.

250iu hcg E3D, while on cycle...

Nolva would be better 40/40/20/20 for weeks 15, 16, 17, 18...

Week 13 and 14 should be off.

Test only is a good first cycle, but if you are set on winstrol too, then use it weeks 10-14... that way you bridge to PCT with it and keep making good gains till PCT.

Whats your reasoning for fucking with adex dosing during cycle?


Thanks for the advice BigSkwatta...I chose to put adex during cycle because I am scared as fuck of gyno, just wanted to take every precaution I could on preventing that.


Ok, I just got me gear in today and it ended up being Sustanon 350 and not just Test E... I realize this is just a blend of Tests, but would this still be an acceptable first cycle? Also, has anyone had any experience with the HCG pellets?


hcg pellets? first time I've heard that. 1mg adex every day is gunna make you hurt like a bitch, listen to the guy above. .25 then adjust if needed. Everyones different but from personal experience, I only use .5 E3D on mega doses of test.


A blend is fine. You just need to inject in more frequently, obviously.


Inject more frequently??? Excuse my ignorance, but if I am injecting 500mg of total test at the beginning of the week; why would I need to inject more frequently??? Sust is a blend, but I am still getting 500mg...Thanks for any advice!


I was referring to your dosing. It should be used ON CYCLE.


The halflife of each test in the blend is different. To maintain stable levels of something like enanthate injections every 3 days is needed. So if you had gotten test E, 250mg twice per week would be the best way to achieve 500mg per week.

Since you got a blend, you need to look at the shortest ester in the blend. Prop. It needs to be injected AT LEAST every other day. Every day is better.


thats the tricky thing with things like sust.

it is true that test is test but the different esters are what you need to look at.

if you inject at the first of the week by the end of the week you will only have about half of your longest ester left and your blood levels will be fluctuating alot
best way to do this is to inject based on your shortest ester and choose your pct based on your longest ester.

example is like was said you want to shoot smaller doses every day,as long as by the end of the week you have 500mg.
and then your pct will wait until about 4 weeks after your last shot due to the length of your enthanate ester.
you can start sooner but I wouldnt waste time starting pct until after 2 maybe 3 weeks after the last shot


Guys I can't thank you enough for the info! Would I be better off getting rid of the Sust 350 and finding some Test E for my first cycle?? It just seems much easier to take 250mg twice a week rather than 125mg four times/week. I just want to take advantage of my first time growth potential!!!


You have it now, I would use it.

Or save it for a future cycle, and research more while you wait to stumble on some test E, or cyp.


I agree just use it. or save it its up to you and the shelf life is insane you dont have to worry about it going bad anytime soon.
right now its just personal preference,the results will be the same its just how you take it will be different.
if you wish to wait so you can have less injects thats up to you


Ok, I have been running my Sust325 cycle now for 5 weeks dosing .5cc eod. I consider it to be severly underdosed from the results I have seen so far (zero). I got my hands on some Test E 250. My question is: Can I go right into the Test E at a dosage of 1cc twice a week and just stop the Sust, or how should I handle the conversion. Just not sure about the half lives, I know that I wont see anything from the test e until about 3 weeks down the road, that is why im not sure if I should stop the Sust cold turkey and just start using test here on out. Any advice would be appreciated.


Stop the sustanon and frontload the test e.

Thatll be fine.


Awesome!!! Really excited to get this started. Let me make sure I understant frontloading correctly. The first week of Test I am going to pin 4cc instead of 2cc total. Should this be spread out, or still just 2x/wk for the first week only and then each week there after go to 1cc 2x/wk.


Just pin 750mg on the first day. Split it up into two shots. Then do all the rest of the shots as usual. It doesnt need to be exact, at all.


Does the frontload week require more adex?


In my second week of PCT. Taking 40mg of Nolva a day. My nipples have become somewhat itchy and a little puffy. Should I increase the Nolva/day or should I add in some arimidex to my PCT. Any advise would be appreciated...