Cycle Info

I think that this site is awesome!! I think that I am going to use 1000 mg/wk of Test Enanthate for 8 wks as my first cycle. Is this a good cycle? Also, do you think that I should include Deca in this cycle? If so, then how much Deca should I use and (if the Deca is incorporated) should I decrease my amounts of Enanthate. Lastly, is Clomid or Arimidex better to use for this cycle. Thanx in advance!!!

Please help me out guys!! I just want some personal opinions.

Bart. I think the reason no one has responded to your question is that they feel you may be too young to be experimenting with Roids. That is obvious from your writing so I doubt that any responsible person will answer you. Let your growth plates do their job before you dive into illicit drugs. Buenas Suerte Amigo.

Bart - check the backissues of T-Mag, and just read EVERYTHING that relates to steroids. And I meant EVERYTHING!!! You’ll get most of the answers you want, then ask whatever questions are left over… Cheers.