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First off I'm a powerlifter, I've been training for about 10 years now and have never been on cycle. I'm 6ft, 270lbs and about 14%! My bench is 500 and I'm coming off a back surgery about 17 months ago so not quite sure where my squat and dead lift are!

I eat like a horse, about 4,500 calories a day, 350g of protein, alot of BCAA's and HMB, Multi vitamin and fish oil. I'm ready to take my training to the next level and just looking for some feedback about my first cycle plans.

W 1-12 Sust 250, 250mg on Tuesday and Sunday 500mg total
W 1-12 Deca 200, 200 mg on Tuesday and Sunday 400mg total
W 1-5 Dbol 50mg a day

Pct will be Nolva and if any bloat starts will run arimidex

What kinds of gains can I expect and is this a good cycle for strength? I'm not a body builder so I could care less about a 6 pack, although I work the core daily, basically just want to be a BEAST!!


Sust should be injected every other day to keep blood levels more stable and avoid sides/maximize gains. If you want to inject less frequently, try Test C or E. And feel free to run dbol for an extra week if you want. Since it's your first cycle, I also recommend you drop the Deca.

You really do learn a lot during your first cycle, most importantly how you react to different compounds (in this case Test, dbol, adex, and nolva). Finally, you should probably start out at .25mg adex every other day just to make sure. It's a low dose (I actually need about .5/day) but better to be safe than sorry and it's by no means a dangerous drug.

I don't want to really give you any concrete numbers on what to expect, it really depends on so many things. But it beats the numbers you'd reach "naturally" by far.


Need to pin sustanon EOD minimum. Test E would be simpler for a first cycle, and you could just pin twice a week. For a first cycle drop the deca.
If you are a powerlifter I assume you are running this leaded up to a meet? So I would say put the d-bol at the end, you will want orals going into a meet.

Drop the dose to 30mg a day on the d-bol, and for a first cycle you don't even really need it, but if you are doing a meet at the end of the cycle then it may help...although test only is a pretty good first cycle, so is test/d-bol...

Run the arimidex from the start, .25mg EOD, and adjust based on your needs.

You should lay out how you plan on doing the nolva... 40/40/20/20 would work well


Haha! Don't listen to BigSkwatta. Terrible advice!


Haha! Don't listen to BigSkwatta. Terrible advice!


Thanks for the advice! I'll run the Sust EOD, I have used prohormones on and off for about 4 years using phera and superdrol, so i'm not all that new to this, just never used injectables before! My training is very advanced and my diet is good, so im gonna stick with the Deca and will keep you advised on my progress!! Thanks again!!


I've actually made really good gains from Phera Plex and never once had any issues with sides! I should also note that I'm not a huge fan of needles which is why I'm just starting my first AAS cycle. I'm hoping for a big increase in strength as I already weigh 270, I'm not really trying to get any bigger than 285, that way it's not too hard to get back to 275 to compete! Is there a cycle that anyone recommend for me down the road that is superior for strength?