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Cycle I'm Thinking About Doing...


plannin a 14 week cycle, 500mg test E per day, start with 30mg Dianabol per day for 30 days, and possibly 50mg of anavar a day the entire cycle (expensive) and 25mg of proviron 2x a day, then HCG/nolva for pct

What do you guys think?


In the name of the fluffy, friendly forum we have - first let me offer a warm welcome to you lover, and please allow me to snuggle and spoon as i query..

Why the Var?

Why 14 weeks?

Why HCG post cycle?

Love you. xox


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I agree with Bushy as far as your cycle being too long. For my first I ran Test E / DBOL with nolva for PCT.

I wouldn't waste your money on var or HCG, I don't think it would be necessary or even beneficial. Proviron is another very fun compound to use, but it is expensive and also not necessary.

I like DBOL at the beginning of a cycle personally. I know the pump is just water but it makes you feel like an animal.


Brook you mistaked your drol and clomid again didnt you.... silly goose


Thanks for the great advice, and ya I'm a dumbass. I meant 500mg of test E per week.

Why are you guys not big fans of anavar? Because of the cost?


Not speaking for the others but my opinion is that in a cycle with Test and dbol you really wont notice it enough for it to be worth it. In other contexts it's a good drug.


cost, availability of REAL product, and overall benefit/price ratio doesnt really do it for me. But its really low side effects i guess would appeal to some. But again you wouldn't notice it in that stack