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Cycle Ideas, Please Critique

Okay, about 230lbs’10, 28. Been training since I was 14.5, PR’s of 475lbs on deads(completely natural), 455lbs for 8 reps on squat (enhanced), 315lbs on bench for 8 reps(enhanced). Done a handfull of cycles, bodyfat is higher teens. Am getting back in shape, cycle would not be for another few months.

I understand how AAS for the most part works in the body, ancillaries and such.
Goals are muscle gain, fat loss, and performance enhancement. Ie, 5-10lbs muscle gain, 15lbs fat loss. Look much better nekid.

Hypothetical Cycle #1 (14 weeks)

Equipoise @ 400 mg per week (shot once or twice a week)
Tren Enenthate @ 250 mg per week (shot every 3rd day)
Anavar @ 60 mg per day (dosed minimally twice a day)
Discontinue the Tren at week 10, the Eq at week 12, running the anavar from weeks 7-14.

Hypothetical Cycle #2 (12 weeks)

Test cyp or enenth @ 300mg a week (shot every 3rd day)
Tren Enen @ 400mg a week (shot every 3rd day)
Anavar @ 40-60mg a day
Discontinue the Tren and Test at weeks 10. Run the anavar from weeks 6-12.

Standard PCT, with ancillaries such as Arimidex, Cabergoline and Nolvadex on hand. Perhaps keep vitamin B12 and some T3 on hand.

Not a fan of T3, but some anecdotal evidence shows Tren depletes thyroid hormone, and I would possibly use it intermittently to enhance energy and fat loss, yet not enough to shrink that sensitive gland known as the thyroid.

Come on guys, no one has any thing fun to say about my no-test cycle?

I like cycle #2. If it were me I would add in 50mg/day Winny(last 8 wks.), 20 on/ 2 off Clen w/ECA, and run cynomel the whole cycle. I tried something once and added Halo for the last two when I was really turning up the heat and I really liked the results(harsh on the liver though).

Oh and if you do throw in the Halo, try not to drive too much cause you might just snap, jump out of the car and commence a beat down.
I always a really chill guy, but Test, Tren, Winny, and Halo for two weeks and I was a lil on edge. GREAT workouts though…