Cycle Idea

I’ll be honest from the start…I’ve never done steroids, and I don’t intend to try them until I’m older and to use them to break a plateau. There’s no need to use them until you’re ATLEAST 21. So here is my idea…Maybe Cy Wilson can comment a bit more on this.
For a cycle why don’t we extend it a bit, say 16 weeks, using a roid with a relatively short half-life, and only injecting on the weekends. Then also alter the nutrition a bit. On weekends just gouge, tons of healthy foods at 20-22x your bodyweight, while the rest of the week at 15x your bodyweight without the anabolics. Who knows if anyone has tried this before, or if it’ll work, but if it did it would allow one to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.
Like I said, I know little on this subject because I’ve never tried them myself, but it could work…
As might the reverse…
Eat 16x bodyweight plus 500 on the weekdays with no anabolics, but cut down to about about 1600 calories a day on weekends and use anabolics.
Any comments, please say. I’m more than willing to learn as much as i can on this subject.

2 days a week on steroids is not enough time to get real results from them.
You need to maintain steady blood levels at “therapeutic doses” for significant periods before real results are seen. That is why many guys who start a cycle don’t even see any results until around the 3rd week of their cycle. You may gain water weight from these weekend doses but this would be just lost during the week. As far a diet, if you ate that much you in my estimation would gain weight but your method would be like trying to skin a cat with a dull spoon. It may work to a certain extent but it certainly would not be the best, most efficient way of going about things. I assume you have though of this method as a way of avoiding htpa suppression? Well there’s drugs out there to reverse this, and you would only be able to hold on to a certain amount of your size gained from steroid use anyway (as predetermined by your genetics) So my point is if all you want to do is achieve your maximum genetic potential, stay natural. If you wish to go well beyond this, then cycling steroids for 6-12 weeks at a time is the most efficient way.

if this was an intelligent way to do things… dont you think that we’d be doing it or that someone would be reccomending it?

Personally I agree with both of you. I think that if you want to do something the best way is to focus on one thing at a time (whether it be cut or bulk). Also true with being able to reverse the suppression, Human Chorionic Gonadotripn, Cloming to up LH levels and cause a cascade that’ll up T levels, etc. I went and did a little reserach after I read that post and I’ll be the first to admit that my idea is way too far sketched becuase the half life on most drugs is way too long to hold up a policy such as this. And I also agree with what you’re saying in terms of not being able to gain muscle that fast.
So discard this idea for the basket.
Thanks for the input.

Didn’t TC or someone mention in reader mail something about taking a huge dose of Mag-10 once a week? I don’t see the benefit, but it has been mentioned.