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Cycle I Started 4 Days Ago

This is my 4th cycle

1st cycle just involved test
3-4 cycles involved test/tren/winny/clen

Current cycle:
Weeks 1-3:

100mg Tren A ED
100mg Test P E3D
250mg Test E E3D
Caber twice a week
Arimidex twice a week
50mg Winny oral ED

Weeks 3-12

100mg Tren A ED
250mg Test E E3D
Caber twice a week
Arimidex twice a week
50mg Winny oral ED

Just drop the prop, As the enthanate will be good to go after 2-3 weeks in body.

Please note have used these amounts of anabolics before and have had blood tests throughout the cycle, Just had one now before starting cycle on my TrT dose.

What do you all think?


Looks fine to me. Just remember your only aromatizing compound is the test so keep the AI use light to start. That’s a lot of tren but you said you can handle it so kudos. Before and after pics or log?

I’m thinking of adding hgh alongside with in. 5ui in the morning. 6 days on 2 off.

Havnt been training since this whole covid situation happened but was running tren before and had a nice shape. You guys think this will come back quick? Cheers

With what you’re running it better…

I hope so,

Have limited equipment currently,

Bench, Lat pull down, Pull up bar, DB’s. All the basics really in my garage waiting for gyms to open. And diet is on point as not working currently due to furlough.

Do you think the test prop along side test e is a good idea for the first 3 weeks?

Depending on when gyms open where you are, if not for a little while still, I would hold off the tren until you can get back to a large selection of equipment. The tren will work real fast and then you can kick it into high gear.

I also debated this.
This is why I let myself lose all my gains and gained so much weight. I was 82kg @ 5% bf @ 174cm

Now I’m 88kg god knows what bf and can barely bench 70kg.

I have access to everything in my garage to what I would do at the gym within reason. Give or take a few bits of equipment I wouldn’t have access to but can substitute for others

Are you joking about the bench numbers? What do you think you could actually do? If that number is at all accurate, I doubt you were 5 percent bf at 82kg @ 174 cm. Most people with those stats are benching above 140 kg if they bench. Some with those stats would be hitting 180 kg benches.

Obviously havnt read the thread

Hmm, I read it. I am not sure how it would be obvious that I hadn’t.

Is it this?

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Damn thats alot of Tren for 12 weeks… And winny gonna pound your liver…

The way Tren messes with lungs and cardio Im sceptical using it in Rona land

Seems like a really extreme cut cycle

Im on year 3 of messing with Tren and I dont think Im ready for that does maybe 50mg… But Winny more than 6 weeks yur gonna feel like ass… Anavar with Tren & prop works great and you dont feel like shit. Worth the money IMO

What do your other lifts look like as in numbers? You are like 5’5", 185lbs? Can barely bench 150lbs and you are looking to take all that gear. To me it sounds like you just need to go put in work and leave the gear alone.

Cheers for replies guys, And yes this is an extreme cutting cycle as I want to get shredded again.

I’ll explain a backstory for you now as a lot of you don’t seem to understand my point.

3 months ago, Was in best shape of life, On a test and tren cycle, 100mg a day tren. Was @ 178lbs, 5% BF and could bench 110kg, deadlift 180kg, Squat 120kg, Corona started in march, I stopped all roids completely and only injected test once every week (roughly) I drank a lot of beer, ate a lot of pizza and completely lost my whole physique, I’ve just recently bought a bench, lat pull down and have acess to 100kg of weight to get started again.

Currently doing a little bit of cardio in morning and working out twice a day while taking currently:

100mg test p E3D
100mg tren a ED
50mg winny ED
60mg clen ED
250mg test e E3D

I’m 5’9 also, And will drop the test p after next week, And cycle the clen carefully every week.

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I have come to the conclusion you are either

A) A Troll
B) A liar
C) Person with mental health issues
D) One of the Dumbest people I have seen on these forums
E) Combos of any of the above

No matter the answer, I wont believe you. I dont believe if you had a solid muscular foundation, that you would have lost almost 100 pounds in your bench from that short break. Not to mention, it is pretty weak to need all those AASs to get to that point. My 14 yr old son is 5’6", 125lbs and can bench 115lbs for 10 reps (no gear). I really get the impression, you are one of those dudes that needs for people to know that he is on gear. I mean honestly, take a look at this cycle, compared to what little access you have for weights and equipment.


That was exactly my thought.

Additionally, if your the type of person who would drop all fitness when gyms close, I just don’t think you are the type of person who should use steroids. They should be used by people who love the process and have shown that they are in it for the long haul. That is demonstrated by accomplishing things naturally IMO.

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Hi guys,

My e2 is sky high,

Been taking 0.5 of armidex every 3 days along with 250mg test e every 3 days
Cycle is:
Tren a 100mg ed
Mast 100mg ed
Test e 250mg e3d
Caber 0.5 e3d
Armidex 0.5 e3d

My e2 is super high, Highest it’s every been. Can someone help counter this or should I lower my test e amount?

Print screen provided:

From the results I know to lower my caber dose, But my arimidex, Should I go to 1mg e3d or lower the test?


I would guess with e2 showing that high it’s the tren, not a real e2 reading. Tren has been shown to show up as estrogen on lab test.

:arrow_up: What he said. If you got the wrong assay then it will read tren as e2.

Oh I completely forgot about this guys, also what do you mean by assay?

Cheers for replies

There are two different tests they can run. There’s the normal assay and the sensitive assay. The sensitive will not pick up tren as e2, whereas the normal one will.