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Cycle Help!


I'm about to put in my order for my next cycle. Unfortunately it will not be what I thought. How does this cycle look?

Test Cyp. 750mg per week Weeks 1-13
Tren Ace. 75 mg. EOD weeks 4-10
Nolva 10mg ED
Clomid for PCT

Week 1 I was thinking of frontloading the Cyp. How much would be good to frontload with?


Just so you know, this is speculation from me since I don't juice, I just research, but if your running 750 mg a week a good frontload would probably be in the range of 1000-1200 mg's...


Most simply double the intended weekly dose. So 1500mg for week 1.


Thanks for the help guys. I will have 40CC of Test to work with. I think i will do 1500mg on week 1, 1000mg on week 2, then 750mg for weeks 3-12.


That looks pretty good. Ditch the nova and use a-dex during if you want a AI. Also, clomid only for pct just isn't good. If you go that route, throw in nova and hcg with it, or try the p-22 style and let us know how it works.

How many cycles have you done?



Doesn't HCG have to be injected in the stomach? Nolvadex is a whole lot cheaper than a-dex. How muh a-dex would I need during that cycle? How much each day?


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in a perfect world you would match your esters by either running tren ace and test prop, or test cyp (or test enan) and tren enanthate.

Make sure you inject the cyp AT LEAST 2x/week, preferably E3D.

BBB is right about the tren ace as well. ED will be much easier on you than eod injections.

Run Adex instead nolva.


what Bushy and RJ said.


OK guys. This is my last question. I will have this to work with. I changed my order.

40CC of Test Prop
25CC of Tren Ace.
50 tabs of Arimidex .25mg each
100 tabs of Clen 50 mg each

I skipped the Nolva and Clomid. I can also add in some TRIBEX during PCT.

How would you guys do this cycle? With these short esters do I need 10 or 12 weeks or could I shorten it to 8 weeks?


You never said how many cycles you had done and or your history. This will play a big part in how you lay it out. So what's the deal?



I am sorry man. This will be my 3rd cycle. My first was Test En at 500mg per week for 10 weeks. My 2nd. was Test En. at 500 per week and Deca at 300 per week for 10 weeks.

That is my history as far as gear goes. As far as my training experience goes I have been working out for about 15 years. I went completely on my own until last Summer.

My wife says this will be my last cycle. She doesn't like me doing it, although she is about to do Clen herself. I know it is not a steroid but it is still a drug. :slightly_smiling:


Thanks for letting it out.

I have been pretty high on high doses from the time I started reading about this stuff. My first cycle was very big, but simple. The one after was similar in amounts.

The last one I ran to preserve muscle while dieting, and I went low. I think the stuff still worked pretty good, and I will be debating to run high or low the next bulk time. I can't remember what you are trying to do, but maybe run something like this

Prop-100mg ed
Ace- 50mg ed

You are going to get tired of the ed injections, especially for 8+weeks. The shorties work well, I just didn't personally like only being on for 4 weeks :slightly_smiling:

Save the adex for if you have any problems. You could run it at .5eod to keep off water, that's up to you.

I'd run the test 2 weeks longer than the tren, and I would taper down the dose. Again, this is similar to P-22's ideas and I can't remember how he exactly sets it up. Good luck