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Cycle Help


this is my first cycle and i would appreciate any advice or comments, does this look solid?

wk1:250mg x 2 test enan on Mon and Thur/ 40mg dbol ED
wk2:250mg x 2 test enan on Mon and Thur/ 40mg dbol ED
wk3:250mg x 2 test enan on Mon and Thur/ 40mg dbol ED
wk4:250mg x 2 test enan on Mon and Thur/ 40mg dbol ED
wk5:250mg x 2 test enan on Mon and Thur
wk6:250mg x 2 test enan on Mon and Thur
wk7:250mg x 2 test enan on Mon and Thur
wk8:250mg x 2 test enan on Mon and Thur
wk9:250mg x 2 test enan on Mon and Thur
wk10:250mg x 2 test enan on Mon and Thur
wk11:40mg Superdrol ED
wk12:40mg Superdrol ED
PCT immediately after completion of superdrol
I also have nolva and arimidex but i need the proper dosing of each.


yo is this your first cycle? what are your goals, and your stats? plus if you dont like needles do 500mg in 1 shot... fuck 2 shots a week and hows ur diet


Looks good. I don't dare to say how to best use the Nolva but I'd use the a-dex at .5mgs EOD.

Also throw in some EQ or Deca at 400mgs/week, you'll be glad you did:)



what is your height/weight?
i would start superdrol at 20 mgs for the first week and see how you respond and then bump it up to 30-40mg. many people have reported severe back pain, very high BP and horrible lipid profiles from this high of a dose. i know its what the bottle says but please be careful as it is also 17aa so make sure you have some sort of liver support formula.


looks ok. make sure you stick to the mon and thurs injections for more stable blood levels. i'd also suggest dropping the d-bol dosage to about 25 mg ED, 40 is a bit much for your first cycle. also, like has been suggested, start the superdrol at a lower dosage aswell. save the nolva for your pct and run the arimidex @ 0.5 EOD during. what does your PCT look like?


my PCT is 4 weeks of nolva at 40mg. the SD dosing has been changed to 30mg and i am 6'2" and 225lbs. im not sure about my BF but i am a college baseball player and my goals are to just get a little extra pop in my bat and also puttin up some solid numbers in the gym.


i played college ball not too long ago....CWS calibre team and was a closer. if you choose to go the AAS route i'd suggest a different cycle for baseball.

test prop and var

weeks 1-8: prop @ 150 mg EOD, var @ 40 mg ED

PCT 3 days after last prop shot.....100 mg clomid and 40 mg nolva ED for the first 2 weeks. taper to 50 mg clomid and 20 mg nolva ED for 2 more weeks should work just fine.

you're in the offseason now so you should be ok running the cycle you proposed originally if that is what you choose....just avoid deca because of its long detection time and winny because of its effect on joints.

and keep the fact that you are using to yourself.

good luck


thanks for the advice bro, i am also a closer and will keep your cycle in mind for maybe my 2nd cycle. thanks again.