Cycle Help

i have 50 ml of decca, 20 ml of stan qv and 10 ml of super test 250. i also have 15 tads of nolvadex.

this is all i have and can get my hands on. last time i asked for help all i was told was decca sucks. that didnt help much. so could someone tell me the best plan for useing what i have.

i would really appreciate it.

thank you

Firstly, what is the doseage of your Deca and Winny? and all you have is 15 tabs of nolva?? you may need to try a way to get some more (and some clomid)…

Stan QV is in fact stanozolol, you were correct. It could either be stan QV 50 which is 50mg/ml or stan QV 100 which is, you guessed it, 100mg/ml. He’ll have to get back to us as to which of the two it is.

The most you are going to be able to do with this is a 7 week cycle because you don’t have enough test or enough anti-e’s to run it any longer. Even doing 2cc’s a week of your test will not really be enough because of the mixture of esters in the blend. Also my cycle for you might be a little off since I don’t know how many mg per ml your deca is but here it goes.

600mg deca

600mg deca

300mg deca
2cc’s of super test(500mg total per/w)
Start you winny 2 days after your last inject of test and run it at 1cc ed until it runs out. On the last day of the winny start your pct with 100mg ed of nolvadex for 1 week then start dropping the dosage of Nolva every 2 days down by 20mg till you get to 20mg ed where you will stay for 2 weeks.
PS you do not have enough Nolva for this and you would do a lot better for yourself if you could tell us how much mg per cc your deca is, double the amount of test you have to use, and also get enough anti-e’s to do this right including more nolva and some letro or ferma.

Please someone critique the cycle I post for him and help him a little further.