Cycle help

hello I am hoping to get some useful feed back as i know there is a lot of experience here, My initial idea of a cycle was(is) 1000mg Sust frontloaded, 300 mg Tren/week(EOD75mg),Winnie 350mg/week, the tren and winnie I was going to run with Sust 250mg /wk(after the FL), I am going to run it for 8 or 10 weeks, my initial idea and my preffered is to use this as a cutting cycle however I won,t be able to get the Winnie until after 2 weeks after I get the Sust and TA, question is can I start the winnie in at that time or should I just be more patient and wait for all my gear, also p222 really seems to love the hcg for recovery is it really neccessary, i realy appreciate the comments,Splint.

If you want to do a cycle a certain way, then just be patient, and wait the extra two weeks. You’ll be more pleased with your results if you get everything exactly how you want it, instead of jumping the gun. I know the anticipation can be tough.

Also, I would up the sust to 500mg/wk. I feel like that’s kinda the minimum.

Lastly, HCG is not necessary for PCT. I don’t use it.

up the test to at least 500mg per week. run the tren at 50-75 per day not eod. if you plan to run an 8-10 weeker it will be fine to wait on the winnie. generally it is best to keep 17-aa steroids down to about 6 weeks. just add it for the last 6 weeks or so and youll be set.

P-dog,merlin, thanks for your input, this is my first cycle in almost 10years, and you are right it is hard to wait,peace…,Splint