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Cycle help

I am currently on a bulking cycle in preparation for a June competition. Here’s my stats:
6 ft
12% bf
I am on week two and have gained 12lbs so far. Here’s my dilema. I am currently on 1gram of test per week, 75mgs of a-50 and 300mgs of Eq. Plan on dropping the a-bombs on week 4 but would like to continue to have that extra help without losing all the gains I’ve made with the extra help of the a-50’s. What do you guys suggest?
P.s after the first week I decided to up my anadrol to 75mgs and “voila” I made terrific gains, almost a pound in a half per day.

Wow, 12 lbs in two weeks. That’s incredible!

Merlin: It’s not incredible, it’s Anadrol.

Emachine, I think the huge gains are largely due to the water weight that anadrol is so notorious for. Those lbs aren’t all muscle so don’t worry about losing them.

Are you using anything to keep the water off?

If it’s a mental thing with the weight gain, taper off the anadrol slowly so the water comes off as your real lbm increases and you might not feel you’re losing as much.

With anadrol, you piss twice and the gains are gone!

Warhorse, I am using nolvadex at 20mgs per day divided in two dosages of 10mgs. It seems to be doing the job. So far no sensitivity which was something I was afraid of. First time in 15 years that I use anadrol. Pretty powerful drug, which can give you unrealistic gains. Like you said you piss once and there goes 5lbs. I was thinking about adding winstrol once or tren after week 4 and would like to know what you guys think about that move. Thank you for your help.

What are you trying to do? Are you going for more gains or trying to harden up? Are you going to run a cutter before your competition?

I’d get TrenFreak, Drago1, and P-22’s opinion on what to do next, PM them and ask for comments on your thread. Those guys compete, or in the case of Drago1 - take competition type stacks.

“It’s not incredible, it’s Anadrol”

What an idea for a T-Shirt! LMAO sorry but it Sounded like a comercial to me…

I agree 100% about the wieght…it can be depressing but Anadrol is notorious for the water wieght gain…