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Cycle help

I am going to get 50 tabs of primo at 25 mg.
here is the question,i can spend 75 dollars on something else but that is all i can afford and with that i can get either
6 amps of sus,
200 tabs of winny at 2mg,
5 amps of deca,
or 50 more tabs of primo
and anavar i know nothing about

What would you choose and how long a cycle 4 or 8 weeks.i would like 2 cycles of 4 weeks spread a month apart.
i am 189 pounds and all i want is 10 pounds of lean mass.i know about androsol but i am in canada and i do not think i can get it. what should my caloric intake be cause i was thinking around 3700 per day during the cycle cause i do have a high metabolism. as far as a routine how does a five day split sound ,hitting each muscle every five days or just hit each muscle once per week.i need help here and do not want to waste my money again like i have done so often in the past.oh and i have done sus before and sad to say i screwed it all up.with seven amps at one per week i never made any gains cause after the third week i started to get paranoid cause my face started to baloon and if there was any thing i could of done to prevent this then let me know please.my decrease in calories took it away but it also took away any sustantial mass.