Cycle Help

Hello all,
I am wanting to keep this cycle very simple. Is it completely unheard of to run just test e all by itself? I was wanting to just take 500mg weekly for 12 weeks and just simply run nolva or clomid as my pct.

Back ground:
I have browsed through the forums for years and posted on some, and was talked out of starting a cycle when I was younger and overseas when the gear was easily available. Since I decided to heed the advice of more experienced gentlemen, I put it off. Now I am 26, 5’7 and 165 pounds. I am not as lean as I once was but am getting back to it. I run and lift 6 days a week and have a solid diet and I will not bore yall with the details. I am still in the Infantry and just want to perform and look better all around. Any advice would be great and appreciated.