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Cycle Help


Hi everyone,

  I am 21 years old and an athlete. I want to get fast, stronger and extremely cut. My nutrition and training are very intense. this will be my first time doing a cycle and I needed some help!

Stats: I am 5'11" 190, 12% body fat, close-grip Bench is 305, hang clean 305, front squat 475

I want to do a 6 week cycle over the winter on winstrol injections what should i take with that and what supplements like estrogen blocker joint health etc. should I take with it?
Also I need to know what should I take for PCT to get back to normal testosterone production and stuff?


any chance we could see this 475lb front squat?


How about you do some research? The answers are very readily available. Put together a plan of your own and then come back. You are also going to hear that you should wait. At least 4 yrs till your 25. I’d agree and say that you should be AT LEAST 25. You aren’t ready. Your post shows it.


If you post a 475 front squat ill answer every question you have


[quote]eatliftsleep wrote:
If you post a 475 front squat ill answer every question you have[/quote]

that’s what I was thinking. If that squat’s legit then this kid should be giving US advice


Yeah i think 475 fs while not mind blowing by any means is pretty decent but just judging by this post i doubt its happening


uh, yeah. since most people FS like 70-80% of their back squat, this guy should be squatting close to 600lbs…at 190.


anyway, i really don’t think any athlete should use Winstrol. too many guys i know got hurt on it, or failed drug tests. regular 'ole testosterone will make ya stronger and leaner, and is pretty darn predicable, too…


he must have meant 375 if his hang clean is 305. otherwise it makes absolutely no sense. very good for never using any PEDs still.