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Cycle Help

Hello! I have been reading threads on this forum for over a year now, and finally joined. First off, great forum. Lots of good info here.

I am posting because I have a few questions.
First off, some stats. When I started lifting in 2007, I weighted 144.

Years lifting:6
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 191
BF%: 14 (a month ago)

I currently eat between 3200-3400 clean cals a day, split into six meals plus two protein shakes.
I lift 5 days a week, two days on, one off, repeat.

This will be my second cycle, and I am curious about a few things. I am looking to KEEP 12-15 lbs all said and done.
I will up my cals to about 3800 cals by adding another meal.

Week 1-12 Test E 250mg Monday morning, Thursday evening
Week 1-12 Arimidex .25 EOD (gyno and bloat prevention)
Week 15-18 Clomid 10,100,50,50

I also have HCG on hand, and can get Nolva.
There seems to be MUCH debate on how and whether to use HCG. I also have talked to some veterans that say Clomid will suffice without Nolva, and some say both.

Should I pin the HCG sporadically throughout the cycle? (every 3 weeks, 3 times EOD)
…or should I use it throughout, with a “blast” at the end of the test?

I really appreciate your knowledge and ability to help guide me in the right direction.

Run the adex in the two weeks between cycle and pct, tapering down the last week. I would use the hcg, it makes recovery easier. I’ve ran without it and have been fine but I prefer it. Run the hcg 250iu 2-3x a week stopping 5 days before pct, no need to blast at the end.

You can use Nolva or clomid or both its up to you