Cycle Help

Please critique.

Height 5’10"
Weight 190lbs
BF 15%
4th Cycle

Weeks 1-6: 50mg Anadrol per day
Weeks 1-10: 400mg Trenbalone per week
Weeks 1-12: 600mg Primo per week
Weeks 1-12: 100mg Test-e per week
Weeks 1-16: Arimidex
Weeks 16+: HCG/Clomid PCT

Reason for the low test is that I am very side effect sensitive to it and I was going to run the cycle without test but I know every cycle should include.


Why primobolan if you’re willing to use drol? I’d switch the anadrol to dbol at 50mg a day, and primo to deca if you’re trying to avoid dht sides. Tren and drol cause the same side effects as testosterone but even worse. Drol also has the added bonus of estrogenic and progesteronic sides.

Test-e: 250mg per week
D-bol: 350mg per week
Deca: 200mg
Boldenone: 350mg

I would never use drol and tren at the same time simple because they seem to share common sideeffects.

Being horrible appetite loss and blood pressure increases.

Dbol while not light on the BP, is better than drol at a useful dosage, and while it does have some estrogenic sides that are quite potent, that can be fairly well controlled with letro or even adex properly dosed in combination with even large doses of test.

Dbol also seems to stimulate appetite and signifigantly elevate mood which is a boon with tren as any regular user can attest.

Generally with high dose tren be prepared for a little battle until the sides calm down.

You didn’t include your planned dosage for the arimidex, or for the PCT.

and where is the prolactin inhibitor for that Tren you will be using? trust me you dont wanna start lactating lol