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Cycle Help


Hey everyone, I'm thinking about doing a cycle, just looking for some criticism or recommendations.



bump anyone?? any opinions/criticism/recommendations..anything


Cutting from 187lbs at your height, and this is after a cycle?!


well I'm already about 8-9% trying to get to 5%...
I know seems pretty light but check out my pics I'm not exactly small (not ronnie coleman big or anything) at 6 foot
17 inch arms, 46 inch chest, 26 inch quads, 30 inch waist
Don't get me wrong I wouldn't mind a bit more size but no more than 5kg lean mass.
But summers coming up and I want to get shredded and gain a little bit of size (my diets in check) so I was thinking prop and anavar.
And it's been long enough (time on+pct= time off).
So I was just wondering how my cycle plan sounds for my goals?