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Cycle Help


Going to start a deca and d bol cycle
one 100-200 deca each week and 20 30 of d bol
per day for 6 weeks. ramping on and off of course.

Im told this is a good starter for a beginner.

im getting mixed answers on this plus do I still use the
same dose of D-bol on rest days ( non training days )


Check out the sticky thread (cycle proposal guidelines) at the top of the steroid section


Provide the info outlined there and we will be glad to contribute to your ideas.


This is a good starter for an ender, little else.

You need to read the steroid newbie thread and hopefully in doing so you will realize how dumb your entire idea sounds, reevaluate, and come back with a completely different, plan.

And when you do come back, you won't start by telling us your weird, misguided cycle, you'll begin with your age and training age, weight and height, a rough estimate of bf%, a brief synopsis of your diet, and then, maybe a proposed cycle that does not include "deca" unless you have some pretty compelling reasons for its inclusion over test.

We'll see you then.

Oh, wait. No. We won't, will we?


I have read it sev times in the past. I was just looking for some extra advise.




Sorry that was a little harsh but so were you.


I have been training for about 22 years and have always competed in drug tested sports. Im 38 years old 6-0 255 about my rang goes from 15-20% depending the event season. Decadurb was chose after allot of research because it seems to have the least amount of poss side effect and overall retention seems to be the best.

And for me its easy to come by because no one uses it anymore and 10-15lbs is all im looking to gain. I have made it this far in life betting guys taking test I never have, until now. Oh ya I eat about 1.5 grams of lean protein per pound and drink more than a gallon of water a day. I do eat little more carbs in my old age because I figure I have earned it. plus i need the ruffage.



Deca actually has more sides than most AAS. Of primary concern is its prolactin raising tendency - more so than pretty much any other AAS. That is what messes up one's libido and hence the term "deca dick". It is strongly recommended to run cabergoline (prolactin antagonist - keeps prolactin in check) alongside deca if you do choose this compound. Also deca is a long ester and takes quite a few weeks to be felt so 6 weeks is not very long for it to give good results. Front loading deca could work for that period.

dbol with testosterone might be a better starter cycle. In that case the only additional ancillaries you need are an AI like adex or letro to keep estrogen in check during cycle and a SERM like Nolvadex for PCT after your cycle.


Thanks for being a cool about it. apriciate the input.


Is this a performance enhancement cycle for your sport?
Deca is rarely used in sports due to long detection times.


I have run several successful Deca cycles over 6 weeks actually.. and even at 200mg it is very effective.

I could advise you on running deca and dbol, but TBH if you are tested you really do NOT want to use it. It's detection time is 18 months i believe.


Testing is not an issue. A little bump in strong dept and joint help is the biggest reason I was looking at Deca. Im not the bigest guy on earth or even close for that matter but i find it hard to fit on planes, movie theater seat ect. I dont need to gain another 20lbs. size 19 shirt are hard to find I dont want to start looking for 20's.


Then why are you going for a cycle that is known to be for size?

Plus you need to use the correct ancillaries yet i see no mention of them.

Nandrolone does increase strength but not too much compared to many.

May i ask seeing as you 'always competed in drug tested sports' why testing is not an issue? Do you doctor the urine/blood samples?


1.I know I will loose some of the size when I go off. Im abit light for my class.
2 they don't test no doc needed.
3 I have ancillaries just didn't think that was worth talking about in my 1rst question.

Im just looking for a little bump, joint help, platu buster. I may get come back later but the plan as of now is one and done. Im no body builder and don't ever plan on being 3% and tan in trunks. Strong now stronger later. Im really looking for advise I've never done this before and my research and references seem to think this will do what I need. Always open to other ideas, but the Deca is almost free in comparison to test and very easy to get.