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Cycle Help with Tren E, Test Cyp and Anavar


Hi guys I’m looking for some help with this cycle. Ive never done test cyp or tren e. This cycle was recommend to me and wanted some feedback. Ive been using gear for about 6 years now on and off. Ive done sus, decca, Anavar, Winnie and ghg and many more. Ive just never messed with tren or test cyp. Ive read that test cyp has side effects including posible gyno. I want to avoid any kind of gyno during my cycle and after and was wondering dosing on ancillary and what is best during this cycle… ive kind of put together the cycle below. Please any feed back would help

1-10 Weeks 500mg Test Cyp
1-9 Weeks 400-500mg Tren E
1-8 Weeks Oxandrolone 30-40mg every day
13-14 Weeks Clomid 1st week 100mg ed, 2nd week 50mg ed, 3rd week 50mg ed


The gyno can easily be controlled… But the Tren side effects would be my main concern… They can be pretty damn nasty! I am starting another cycle with Tren next week. Very excited about how great it works… Not excited about the sweaty sleepless nights. It also kills my appetite which I absolutely hate. Nothing bad to say about Anavar except I hate the price and the pumps can be painful. I usually just run Arimidex during a cycle and haven’t had any problems yet.


thank you so much for the feedback. Since this is my first cycle with both of these steroids I’m hoping for good results. I only weight right now 180lbs with 15% body fat. I’m wishing for about 15-20lb clean gain. Do you think this possible with this cycle? Or should I do something different. I don’t want the round water retention look


Moose thank you for the reply. Did tren affect your labido? So I should take novadex everyday through the entire cycle to help with gyno?


You’ve been doing gear for 6yrs now and have never used Test?


Toolman slam what are you taking about.? I said I’ve never used tren I’ve used all kinds of test including sus, t-eth test cyp and more.