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Cycle Help with a Twist


I want to start this post out to avoid the flaming and harshness that may tend to follow by explaining that although I am looking for a cycle critique... I do have extenuatiing circumstances that may require a bit of thought beyond a typical cycle critique post.


I am 48 years old and have been training for close to 4 year, albeit I had a car accident that took me out for close to 16 weeks.

I weigh at present 190 and am 5'10".
I am strong for my size... if you need numbers.. ask.
BF is typically between 11 - 15% depending upon diet.
I eat clean 90% of the time. The other 10% is laughable... indulgence.

My present goal is to add muscle, lose some body fat and to look really good for summer.

Now, here's where it get's tricky... I started AAS via prescibed HRT 4 years ago... from Test Cyp. to adding primo and Mast. I use growth and ghrp-6 together on occasion. I have it available now.

I used 1000 of T a week and had estrogen issues and eventually a major prostate issue that has resoloved. I ran out of Arimidex and just never reordered... causing me lots of problems...

I didn't cycle... I stayed on. Always.

Okay, I want to hit the gym hard, eat right and gain 10 lbs of muscle in my upper body.

I have significant quantities of Test Cyp. Tren Ace, 10mg dbols, HCG, Nolva, Adex and Clomid. Together with a boatload of growth and ghrp-6.

Here's my question.

Can I cycle. Like a legit straight up planned cycle... or should I come off of everything... clean it all up and at some point get on an 8 week cycle.

Here is what I am thinking:

Don't come off.

weeks 1-8 100mg Test EOD
weeks 1-8 100mg Tren ACE EOD
Weeks 1-4 40mg Dbol ED
All weeks 1-8 A-Dex .25 ED
Growth 2 units each morning
GRHP-6 2 units at bedtime.

Nolva is available for the cycle if necessary,
Clomid for PCT... Maybe HCG as well...
Not sure about tapering....

These are my issues.


Sorry ahead if anyone thinks I am a bonehead... because at times I am... but right now, I am looking for and appreciate all the help I have always gotten here by you all. (and most of the respected "experts) have been extremely helpful!

Lastly.... MOTIVATION.... wtf.... give me some advice... I am a bit depressed because of a family situation, so I am dealing with mild to moderate depression... The test helps so far believe it or not.

But is there a secret to motivation?

lol, please don't laugh at me like I laugh at myself... usless, of course... you just cannot hold back...

Peace everyone...

Looking forward,



Im not an expert but here is what i see:

The whole point of your asking this is to figure out a longer term strategy of if you can cycle once youve been on nonstop for 4 years, and your proposed cycle doesnt address that. Are you planing on going right back to you HRT dose after week 8 of the cycle? or do you have a proposed PCT (which would need to be very excessive considering youve been on for 4 years)

Also tren seems high compared to test, and acetate should be shot everyday if possible. also there is no need to shoot test C EOD.


For the sake of saving on the number of inj. I am now thinking 50mg tren ace and 100mg test c in each syringe ED would be best. I have been as high as 1200mg test/wk in the past. The dbol I am cutting back to 20mg ed for those first 4 weeks instead of 40mg. Like I said, I have every PCT drug known to man here for PCT... and will be using HCG and ADex throughout the cycle if any of that helps.




I'm assuming you have run trenA before? I would start at half that dose then up it after 2 weeks. Tren kills me the first few weeks if i go to high. But if I step it up slower I dont get the nasty sides. and ED is preferable for TrenA. You'll go through nasty mood swings if you do go EoD. And given that you are having family/motivation problems, that probably not a burden you want to add to yourself.

Also, D-bol and Tren is a nasty combo. Pumps so bad you can't even close your hand.

if you plan on never really coming off why don't you look into the blast/cruise method?

Other then that, it looks like fun. Near the end of your cycle see if you can switch to 100mg TestProp ED instead of the cyp. You'll drop the water weight and look shredded!


I have looked into the blast/cruise method. What about motivation. Honestly, I am so not motivated right now that I don't know what to do with myself. Can you think of any proven methods of motivation (getting into the gym and working hard). I have been through so much personally, that just getting into my routine has to be somewhat comforting. I can't bring myself to do it.

I know this is a lot to ask. But other of my brothers must have been here a time or two.... no?


I find the dbol kickstart gives you amazing motivation in the gym. The tren should have you strong as an ox by the time the dbol phase ends, so there would be some momentum.

Only problem is post cycle. That may fuck with your head...


Hi Time2Jet,

It always seems like I am pimping this stuff, but have you tried either Modafinil or Adrafinil? I get depression and anxiety issues quite frequently. Adrafinil, while not necessairly a physical stimulant is a fantastic mental stim, with almost no sides or jitteriness to speak of. I have found that when my mind is functioning properly, the body follows.

Modafinil, I have been told is even better than Adrafinil. I stick with the Adrafinil as it is cheaper (by quite a large margin), and not scheduled in the USA. The only catch to Adrafinil for some people are issues with liver values. Both anecdotally and from some literature, it has been shown to raise these values.

I get tested regularly (along with other stuff), and have not had an issue with this. But. . . I also don't really drink (1 or 2 a month), or really mess around with anything else that would raise my liver values. If you are taking compounds that are known to be harsh on your liver, then testing is a must (should be done regularly anyway as part of your medical regimen).

I cannot reccommend this stuff enough. When I take it I feel like I'm 18 again. Really good stuff. Modafinil on the other hand does not have the liver value issues, is more potent Mg for Mg, and is SCHEDULED in the USA.

Another thing I can reccommend is Vitamin D-3. I take about 4000iu every day. I live in the cold, dark, frosty, north where there is very little sun to speak of in the winter.

This has done wonders for my mood, motivation and general well-being. It may take a while to get an effect, and build up levels. This is something I will continue to take indefinatley ( or until I can retire to somewhere warm and sunny!).



I am running 125mg/ed together with 200mg test cyp and 5 12.5 dbols. 4 Protein Drinks and more chicken and brown rice and broccoli than I like to think about. Anyone have any ideas for some really good high protein lower fat lower carb food... meals aren't important to me.

I also have 500mg HCG 2xw and Adex .25 each morning with my supps...

Eating every 3 hours. Def. using creatine and some NO pre-workout.

I am back in the gym all this week hard and feel "tired" but motivated... DAMN AM I SORE!!

Big personal issue weighing me down, don't do well with antidepressants (give me mania and anxiety) so I have some benzo's to sleep... they barely work with those damn dbols.

In any event, motivation... tackled... depression
(signigicant)... soreness (well, fuck... you have no idea).

2 Things I have learned...

  1. Protein poweder tastes like tile grout.
  2. My PCT is going to be a bitch.

Regards, Jet


I know of these substances and have not tried them... I don't do well with any type of stimulant that I know of other than coffee... I get freakin anxious as hell...

A gym buddy with whom I trade and share gear, tells me that I need some T3 to jump start the fat burning... I put on a bit of fat during recovery from the neck surgery.


Wait... I forgot the growth... 2.5 unit of ND somatropin (CHINA) and this GHRP-6/some... or something or other... 2.5 units each morning upon waking..

I also shoot lovenox because I am factor V leiden defiecient... wonder how many actual shots I do in a year? (Those are 2x day)... I think I may spend some time with a calculator this weekend and figure that out... my brain is to shot to do it in my head these days (depresssion)...


I started experiencing the Tren Ace cough this week when Went up a little... wow... that's somethin' eh?


You sound a little manic buddy. Are you saying that you are on:

1) 875 mg/w tren ace
2) 1400 mg/w test prop
3) 437.5 mg/w dbol
4) 1000iu/w hCG
5) 17.5iu/w HGH
6) some GHRP-6
7) some lovenox

If so, that sounds like a shitload. Tren is particularly high if that is what you meant.

Also, hCG should be 250iu EOD. 500iu 2x/w is high.


Yes, all true.
The HCG is actually 250 2xw that was a mistake. Funny thing is, right.... could be manic a but... but I am tired as all getout... amazing.


Yes, all true.

The HCG is actually 250 2xw that was a mistake. Funny thing is, right.... could be manic a but... but I am tired as all getout... amazing. The GHrp-6 is mixed with somel* or something like that... I have to get the vials.

I am sticking in the am because I dont eat for a few hours before I awake... wondering if it would be better at night for that and the GH considering how tired I am feeling.