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Cycle help testo/sdrol/npp

1-12 testo e 500mg
1-3 sdrol 20mg
3-9 NPP 300mg
9-11 sdrol 10mg as backload
1-12 adex 0.25 eod

12-15 2500u hcg e4d
12-15 10mg nolva
15-19 nolva 40/20/20/20
14-18 clomid 50/50/50/50
what do you think

use the hcg ON cycle, not after. 250iu 2 or 3x a week. Don’t really see a point in the 10mg of nolva leading in to the PCT either.

Other than that, looks pretty sexy to me.

my pct is a form of Power pct
also for progestin i was thinking of bromocriptine and i have and to pills of caber on hand

is it better to run npp from the start of the cycle??

any suggestions??

I would run it the whole time personally takes a bit to build up I would want it kicked asap.

I would run npp for more than 6 weeks.

you may want to increase your AI dose

i have only for 6-7 weeks
I was thinking of puting after sdrol because i have heard that sdrol may be progestin…
what do you think?

you will be fine

Finally i was thinking to pin npp ed at 50mg…
or 100 mon/t/frid
what do tou think??

either would be fine

also will i need caber or bromo??
I haven’t done any progestin again…

impossible to say… you may, but you may not…

ive ran tren for a very long time with no DA, didn’t have any problems related to prolactin