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Cycle Help Pre-Contest

The gear I got isn’t good as said from source. And I’m 12 weeks out from contest but only 5 pins into my 2nd cycle

I was planning on running test prop 12 weeks 500mg a week then Winny 50mg ED 6 weeks. I need to drop the prop I have would it be best to pct off and only take the Winny 3 weeks out again(I know that sounds stupid but that’s what my coach convinced me to do my very first show with no pct and I didn’t crash my levels) I’m also considering the test cyp from a reliable source till bout 4 weeks out find better prop? Help a man out please

If you’re five pins into the cycle but the gear isn’t good then why would you need to pct? I’m not understanding the situation. Can you clarify?

Got my blood levels tested and the gear is cut basically my free t went up like 7 on that much of a quick acting prop. Last time they peeked super quick off it

Found some good prop been tested by a lot just gonna run that till show day with Winny 6 weeks out