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Cycle Help Please

Guys I know there some very knowledgeable people here and I would appreciate a bit of help if you could spare the time.

I have a few questions but I’ll stick to one for now and ask more down the line.

I’ve done a Couple of little cycles previously and I’m currently on a mild cycle with the aim of cruising after and blasting in the summer. I’m using 200mg/wk of tri tren 150 and 300mg/wk of test 400. I am also taking 30mg of winstrol Ed. I know I should have used the winny at the end but I wasn’t in a position to get advice (long story) so listened to some gym bros.

My question is I’m running the tren for 6 weeks and I only have 8 weeks of the test400 but my guy is back now so I can get more to get me to 12 weeks before the cruise. However I’m debating what to do and I have 3 options.

Option 1 - get more test and run that to 12 weeks (maybe with winny again for the last 4 weeks)

Option 2 - switch out the test 400 after week 8 and do 4 weeks on gentech rip 300

Option 3 - get some anavar and start an 8 week course at the end of the ten and come off test after 8 weeks.

I’m looking to get as lean as possible in prep for my bulk whilst still building some muscle on this cycle so I’m unsure what would be best. I’m currently 12-14%body fat with a 31 inch waist but I want to lose the last bit of stubborn fat. My diet is spot on and I train hard.

Thanks in advance for your help.