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Cycle Help Please?

Hey guys

I have TEST E, Winstrol , dianabol and T3 available.

Looking to gain muscle but also hopefully keep body fat low can anyone suggest a cycle ? Maybe not use them all? I’m open .
I want to know how much ml to inject and how often?

Please only serious answers guys . Thanks a lot

Age 28
178 lbs
5ft 9

It doesn’t matter how much mL it is without knowing how many mg’s is in each anabolic. Is it Test E 250? 300? Also what’s the diet like. At 5"9 178 lbs it sounds like you could put more muscle on naturally. How many years have you been training? What kind of program do you follow? How many days a week do you workout? What’s your body fat? Also do you have a PCT planned out? If not have you researched it ?

Also, is this your first cycle? It sounds like it is. First cycle is always recommended just a testosterone only cycle. You can make massive gains off that. With proper nutrition and training of course.

oh? only SERIOUS answers? then here’s the answer: do your own research. there’s like 10,000 beginner threads here and in every other forum…

seriously, get off you ass and come up with a plan and then ask for clarification. nobody here gets paid to spoon-feed people that are too lazy to do any research on their own…

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Wrap up mate

Why even bother typing all that? Jesus

Becuase everyone else is thinking the same thing… Posting something like this just annoys us regular forum users, it shows lack of effort at even attempting to educate yourself even to the most basic level lol.

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yeah, this pretty much automatically disqualifies you from getting anything other than static


what others have said. you’ve asked the wrong questions, you haven’t done research, you just listed some products and said ‘what do I do with these things?’ If you come up with a proposed cycle, and honestly a little more info about yourself, you’ll get better feedback. relentless addressed a whole list of relevant things, and instead of answering his important questions, you just got made at cyco. that’s the wrong way to handle yourself here. If you instead had answered all of relentless’s questions, you’d be well on your way by now. Maybe take a look in the mirror if things aren’t going the way you want them to.

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