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Cycle Help Please

Hey all first time poster long time lurker, need help/advice regarding potential cycle

History: age 27
Lifting :8 years
Previous cycle 2010: test e 10 weeks at 500mg clomid pct 2 weeks after last injection
Also have used clen/ketotifen before for 8 weeks straight
T3 worked up to 75mcg over a 4 week period and tapered down
Body fat: 16% weight is 102kg/ 224lb

My plan is to run a cutting cycle in early feb to hopefully drop decent bf % whilst retaining muscle

Starting calories will be 3050 with protein intake being 2.5 gram/kg, fat being .8gram/kg, remainder of calls coming from carbs
I plan to start at this amount of calories as that’s what I have reversed dieted to, I plan to have a refeed day every Wednesday and train legs on Thursday so I can keep maximum intensity in my leg workout
Calories will be decreasing each week as my bf drops,( carbs will be reduced)

My cycle is as follows

Test E :week 1-10 (250mg mon/ Thurs)
Clen :week 1-10 at 100mcg Ed
Ketotifen: week 3,6,9
Taurine: 5 mg upon waking and 5 mg post workout (7:00pm)
T3: week 4-9 tapering up/down to 75mcg ED

Multivitamins, Hawthorne berry extract, fish oil, glutamine, etc
Pct: Clomid 2 weeks after last injection starting off at 100,75,50,50

I have planned to do cardio 30min LISS everyday as we’ll and will probably work in some core/cardio with the GF too haha

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this/ reply I’m not expecting much replies as I haven’t posted here before but all advice is appreciated,
I have a very broad knowledge of AAS and PCT but am always open to ideas

10 weeks seems like an awfully long time to run clen for…

I’ve read many studies in regard to clen and the longest time recommended is 10 weeks, as long as ketotifen/benadryl is used every third week to upregulate the receptors