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Cycle Help Please


Im getting ready to start a cycle. I have 2 vials test cyp 250mg, 1 vial nandro deca 200mg and 2 vials hct. What is a good cycle? I did a cycle of test 2 years ago. 40 yo, 5'9 167 lbs


I've never done a cycle yet, so take my advice with a grain of salt.
These guys will usually roast you without pics/details/etc of your whole routine.
Read the stickies, use the search function and you'll find the questions been answered repeatedly.
I'm bored at home so ....from what I've read 500mg a week split into 2 shots a week seems the norm, cut out the Deca a couple weeks before ending the test. What a couple weeks before PCT.
Again - I've never used steriods - just repeated what I've researched, but that could be shit too.
Read up


Thanks. I dont know why they would not just answer. Im in Afghanistan. I workout everyday and eat what I can. I drink alot of protein. I understand every cycle is different. I just wanted to know the best cycle for what I have. Thanks for your reply.


2 vials hct?

How many ml is each vial?

Is this your first cycle? If no, then cycle experience?

Whats your lifts?

What are your goals?

Considered an PCT yet? Deca will shut you down for a long time.....


Oh yeah, and diet? Training experience?


How is 167lbs at 5'9" any better than my 176lbs at 5'10"?


I meant hcg sorry. 11000iu
I did a "therapy cycle 18 mos ago in Iraq. I made good gains but was on small outpost and couldnt eat or work out right.
I workout (Bench) with about 185. Im 40 and only 167lbs. Always been active and in shape. I just want to gain as much as I can in strength and bulk a little. I was told by a Dr that the HCG was my PCT. Do I need anything else? The test cyp (2vials) is 250ml and the 1 vial of deca is 200ml. Thanks for any help. I have access to a gym everynight here.


He is a soldier and serving his country and not a cocky little prick.
So constructively I asked him things that he needs to consider. Never did I say he should do it.
And based on what he has demonstrated so far, he shouldn't


So you did an hcg only cycle? I assume thats what you mean by therapy. Thats a terrible idea....

You bench with 185, but no reference to sets, reps, ect...
Is this the only lift you do?

I have an idea your training is pretty bad. You should work on setting that up right first. I know that overthere you have to eat what you can and thats about it...

I also think either you are misreading your vials, or that they are mislabeled.

250ml of test? 200ml of deca?

Thats a lot of shit and would have to be HUGE vials...

How many mg per ml is the stuff?

For a first cycle I wouldn't use deca. One vial (probably 10ml at 200mg per ml, not 200ml) is not even enough for a cycle.

I know you want to make progress and I know thats probably much harder over there, but you shouldn't jump straight into this.

Also, evidently your doctor is an idiot. HCG can be used on cycle to maintain testicular function, but should not be used as or during PCT because it is suppressive.

You should use a SERM for that.

I really don't think its a good idea for you to do any cycle until you gain a basic understanding of exactly what steroids are, and how they affect the body.

Check out the training forums and articles on this site and elitefts.. also look up WS4SB and on this site check out Starting Strength. Read the nutrition articles too, and eat as good as you possibly can given your resources.

Once those two things are in check, see what kind of results you get, and then after a year or so research more (just reading Furious George's sticky is an awesome place to start) come back and make a new proposition.


God youre a whiny little bitch.

Where you huffing and puffing and stomping your feet when you typed that?


I never said i did a hcg therapy, i said i did a cycle about 18 mos ago as therapy (Prescribed by a dr.).
what i have now is 2 vials of test cyp 250 and 1 vial of nandro deca 200 (each cial is 20 ml by volume).
I have 2 vials of hcg 11000 iu. I am 40 years old, I workout 5 to 6 times a week. I weigh about 167-170. I drink 3 syntha6 protein shakes a day, couple packs of tuna and regular meals. I have less than 10% bodyfat. I was working out with about 185 flat bench, last night i did 205 8 reps and finished with 3 sets of 185. Of course I work all muscle groups. I gave bench press weight because most can judge ones strength abilities off of that. I just wanted to know what would be a good cycle with the gear I have and if the hcg is enough to counter sides of the gear. Thanks