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Cycle Help? Honest Advice for a Noob

I’m new here. I’ll be honest with you all & myself. Background is I started using PEDs at the young age of 17, Oral Prohormones of Dbol & Turanibol. 100mgs a day no PCT. I was obsessed with Arnold, I was young & couldn’t afford the proper things to run a good cycle as I still lack knowledge. 5 weeks in I was suffering major side effects. I exploded in water weight bloated, my hair was falling out & as embarrassing as it is but common I got Gynoclamastia “AKA” (Bitch Tits). I was unable to afford surgery which completely destroyed my confidence… Fast forward to age 22, I’m a very very hard working & skilled physical laborer. Ive worked 6-7 days a week 12 hours a day for the past few years to become stable enough on my own to take time off work for the Gyno surgery… I’ll have surgery next month.

I was thinking about running another cycle next winter, I’m absolutely obsessed with the body building community… So what this post is really about, I want to cycle just Test maybe some Deca or EQ. Run an AI for estrogen effects & with Proscar for the hair loss since I’m obviously sensitive. Im thinking PCT with Clomid & HCG. Im really wanting to avoid Nadrolone & DHT based gear I just want to run testosterone & test deravitives. I mainly want to to do this for my hair since I’m so young. Let me know what you think of a Test Cypinate & EQ stack for a beginner cycle. This wouldn’t technically be my first cycle since my first one was an absolute failure & disaster.

Are you fucking kidding? Are you trolling?


you try gear and it was the worst time of your life and now you want to do it again ? are you fucking retarded ?

You’ll most likely have similar experiences with your upcoming cycle, take some time to do some
Research and maybe in a year or two consider running one.


You know that’s not going to happen though

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I’m looking for serious advice. bigmax get off my post if you’re gonna be a douche bag! I don’t want to run Tren, Mast or Winny I don’t want my hair to fall out yet since I carry the genes for MPB

What don’t you understand ?

bigmax if you’re gonna be a douche leave my post lol. Next winter I wanted to run just Test or test derivatives. No DHT or Nandrolone based. I have access to whatever AI, HCG, Proscar. I want to run Test C maybe Deca or EQ & I can afford it all as well. Im 22 & can afford to pay for Gyno surgery in cash & take a month off work off work without hurting me & I live alone. I’m pretty proud of myself I have nothing to hide & I really don’t give a fuck about your insecure & judgemental opinions I’m looking for some solid seasoned advice. Call me retarded I was 17 I wanted to be jacked & tan so I ordered prohormones without my parents knowing

Honestly, you are the one acting like a douche right now. You still currently have bitch tits from mis-using substances. Now you want advice on how and what to use again? Doesnt sound hard working to me, sounds like short cuts. Why dont you get your Test levels checked and see if you there for TrT? Or start just Test at 300, 400mgs per week. See how that goes.

@iron_yuppie can you help him out ??

I don’t want to be a douche to no one I’m looking for advice I’m super straight forward about my situation & I’m absolutely not embarrassed about my bitch tits it happened from plain stupidity of being a young kind as funny as it is, I’ve always a huge fan of the body building community always have been, Dwayne the Rock Johnson had gyno, Mirko Cro Cop & many other famous people went through it, it’s very common in this community. I want to run Test, Proscar, & some sort of AI or anti estrogen so I don’t get Gyno again. I was taking no sort of protection or protocols. Just straight prohormones no pct nothing. Is it possible to take Test EQ & proscar? Or test Deca & proscar? I want to take no Trens winny masteron none of that till after I’m older & my hair falls out. I already know I’ll lose my hair eventually but I don’t want to yet though that’s why I want proscar… I know I’m prone to MPB because people in my family are bald. I’m only 22 & I know if I take DHTs or Nandrolones my hair will be fried if prohormones of Dbol & Tbol was doing it. I think my body is very sensitive to DHT… I’d love to stack on top of test because I know I’ll grow quickly, I know this cycle will probably be the best one I’ll ever have. I’m not sure if it’s safe to run Proscar & EQ together or Proscar & Deca?

I wanted to run HCG while in cycle or after for PCT to combat atrophy of my testies. I wanted to do a longer cycle maybe start low & work my dose up. People have told me clomid is good for PCT also

Oh man. So you fucked up when you were young. That’s ok. You own it, and that’s important. But the problem is what you do next. The good news is that you haven’t done anything yet, so you’ve got time to figure out a better (and safer) way.

Before we get into anything else, please do yourself a favor and look into PFS, post finasteride syndrome. If you still want to use it after reading the horror stories then that’s your choice. But guys are walking the earth today with limp dicks—for years—because they wanted to keep their hair. That’s not a good trade off in my mind. But again, only you can determine the level of risk you’re willing to take.

Now, as far as a first real cycle goes there is one answer and one answer only: testosterone. That’s all. Nothing more elaborate than that is necessary. It works, every time, for everyone. If you train hard and eat right then it works.


You should really consider how to do this right, how it will effect your future gyno issue, and what your main goals actually are. You have time to think about all of this. You said next winter, right? So that’s plenty of time for you to read and read and read some more. You’ll have guys telling you to stay off of everything, you’ll have guys telling you to “up the tren”. You’ll get a million different takes. Read them all. Discard the ones that are unscientific or irrational or downright dangerous. I bet after a few months of research you’ll conclude that all you need is diet, training, and maybe testosterone.

When I was in my first year of college I took something that was sold to me as a prohormone. Spoiler alert, it wasn’t. Back then we knew nothing. Nobody guided us. Nobody cared. The supplement store just wanted our money and we just wanted to get big. I’m 36 and for the last two years have been on trt because I had the testosterone levels of a man in his 60’s. Before trt I struggled for years and never knew why. You absolutely can fuck up your life at age 17, as you already know. Don’t make the same mistake at 22. Be sure—and I mean really goddamn sure—that bodybuilding is important enough for you to take that risk again. Just take your time and don’t get ahead of yourself. Get your gyno sorted out first. Then get your confidence back. Be happy with the guy staring back at you in the mirror. Because if you’re not and you start taking gear then you’re never going to be satisfied. And that, young man, is the worst thing a person can be. That’s a life that is void of meaning and purpose. That’s a life of endlessly pursuing a version of yourself that simply cannot exist.

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I appreciate your response iron_yuppie! You’re right that gyno absolutely wrecked me as a person very young. I haven’t felt comfortable with my shirt off since even though it’s a very mild case & it’s sad because I have an amazing body natural. But I’ve been reading different reviews about proscar and that’s why I don’t know. Chances are I won’t risk it. It’s honestly really hard to say what the prohormones sides effects were like since they’re just random research chemicals with no data, studies or years of use & trials behind them. I imagine test won’t have all of the awful side effects quite like that. I have a feeling all those negative sides had a lot to do with those compounds themself. Thank you for the advice I think test only sounds like a very great cycle. But yes I love body building always have been fascinated. As for your low T & needing TRT I’ve read & researched many great things about HCG & it’s ability to bring back the testes sperm count & test levels. Guys that had atrophy so bad that they had almost no testes took it & grew them back to beyond normal size. What’s your opinions on HCG twice a week while on cycle to combat atrophy or using it to PCT to bring back the natural test production?

They need to pin this post to the top so all the 17,18 yr old know it alls that want to run their first cycle of Test, Tren, Dbol, Deca, etc can see that it can happen to them also.

This is not directed at you TopNotch, but all the youngins that come in here.

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I honestly didn’t think it’d ever happen to me. These younger guys better have some cash handy & a several weeks of down time to undergo & heal from this surgery correctly if they choose the play with fire. It’s taken me years to reach this level on my own. It’s been a long tough journey and I’m still dealing with the consequences.

So i cant ignore the fact that you say you want to run test or deca but not a nadralone. Deca is nadralone with the deconate ester attached. This along with a few other things has lead me to believe you need to put forth the same effort you have in working and saving money for your surgery to research AAS, AIs, SERMs,gyno protocols,estrogen control watch videos read studies spend time on forums just reading. If you do this right it will take a minimum of a year if you set aside an hour or so everyday.

After that if you thinks it’s a good idea for you then have at it. I personally dont know if it is im not you only you can answer that question. And only you can do the proper research and planning if you decide to use gear.

Deca is a nandrolone? Huh, I thought it was a test derivative. Obviously I need to do more research. What about Turanibol & Dbol what are those two? Test derivatives? I think my body is highly sensitive to DHT whatever prohormones I was taking had my hair falling out in no time, serious bloat & gyno. That’s the last time I take prohormones. I may have had existing Gyno? I remember when I was about 13 & starting to hit puberty my nipples were sore for several weeks I could feel as tissue but disappeared. Never felt anything similar till 17 when I was taking hormones but the tissue grew larger & obviously never disappeared needed surgical treatment

Yes deca is nandralone with the deconate ester attached. Deca durobloin is just a brand name and how it is commonly referred to instead of nandralone deconate.

Dbol and tbol are very similar. Tbol is like a dry dbol. And what I believe to always be a better option than dbol. That is probably a unpopular opinion as a lot of people swear by dbol but I don’t like how estrogenic dbol is or how wet it is. Dbol is made from testosterone most AAS are.