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Cycle Help for Cutting while Building Some Lean Mass

What cycle would people recommend for cutting while putting on some lean mass?

Cut first. Cycle later.

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Would clen by itself be fine for cutting?

Short answer yes. Long answer… read up on side effects to assess risk.

Skip the clen. Use clen’s cousin albuterol. Unlike clen it’s not cardiotoxic and it’ll give you pretty much the same basic results -10%.

Salbutamol (albuterol) is definitely the way better option of the two, but there is no such thing as a beta-sympathomimetic that isn’t cardiotoxic. Still, salbutamol should be the substitution for Clen.

Talking about the inhaler?

If so what’s the protocol?

Nope, comes in pill form. Take 2mg + 200mg caffeine twice a day. Clinical data says that’s the most effective way to use it.

Just so there’s no misunderstanding, don’t take that combo in the evening before bed. Take it once in the morning after waking and then in the afternoon (7-8 hours later).